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Bridging the Gap for Local Surgical Care

By Arielle Williams Miles

In recent years, residents of Chesterfield and Marlboro Counties had to travel long distances to access to high quality surgical care. Until now. McLeod Health Cheraw has welcomed Dr. Jason Davis to the hospital’s surgical team, where he serves as the dedicated general surgeon for the region.

Dr. Jason Davis and his wife, Kara, grew up in rural Northeast towns, yet attended college in major cities. Their experiences living in both settings taught them the value of balance for themselves and their family. The search for this balance prompted them to move to their current home in the Carolinas.

After visiting the small town of Cheraw, South Carolina and touring its local rural hospital, Dr. Davis felt that it would be a great fit for him to practice medicine.

“When I visited Cheraw, I was greeted with exceptional warmth, friendship and hospitality by hospital staff, leaders and residents. The location and physicians here left a lasting impression. It seemed like a perfect place to practice,” recalled Dr. Davis.

Dr. Davis knew that becoming the hometown surgeon would help improve the quality of life for those seeking much needed surgical care in the region. Having a local option is not only crucial to those in emergent situations, but also saves valuable time and resources since it eliminates the need to travel out of town.

“As a surgeon, I love seeing the positive results of my surgeries,” explained Dr. Davis. “What motivates me the most is feeling the satisfaction that comes from being useful to my patients.”

Dr. Davis was drawn toward becoming a surgeon because he can help people through a variety of means. In medical school, he gravitated towards the subjects of clinical medicine, science, teaching and even the business and policy side of the medical field. Becoming a surgeon essentially allowed him to continuously grow and always have something new to learn.

Dr. Davis says his favorite moments during his career have been any time his patients thank him for improving their quality of life. He is motivated by hearing about their good outcomes and positive patient experiences.

“Choosing to become the dedicated general surgeon for Cheraw is such an exciting opportunity and I am so glad to be here,” explained Dr. Davis. “I am eager to build the program and be part of a team that makes it possible for our community to obtain high quality surgical care right here in town.”

With the latest techniques utilizing leading-edge technology and procedures, Dr. Davis provides education and surgical treatment involving: breast, gallbladder, hernias, thyroid and parathyroid, skin cancer, soft tissue, wound care, and dialysis access.