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With the many advances in cancer treatment, today’s cancer patients have more and more reasons for hope. Portraits of Hope are the incredible stories of our patients and their journeys of hope and survival. Click on a thumbnail and scroll down to view each story.

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Exceeding Expectations

By Jaime Hayes

On the morning of February 16, Johnnie Luehrs awoke to shooting pain on the entire left side of her face. “The awful pain extended from my chin to my forehead,” she said.

“From the moment we walked through the front door, I knew I would be in excellent hands,” said Johnnie. Greeted by Monica Bryson and triaged by Beth King, RN, Johnnie was seen by Dr. Amid Hamidi.

Dr. Hamidi, Medical Director of Emergency Services at McLeod Health Dillon, quickly diagnosed her with shingles.

“Johnnie presented to the Emergency Department with severe pain and a rash along the left side of her face,” said Dr. Hamidi. “The rash came within a fraction of an inch of her eye, which was concerning. She made a good call to seek medical attention.”

“Dr. Hamidi and the staff showed me a great deal of compassion,” added Johnnie. “He even shared his personal bout with shingles during medical school, so I knew that he understood the pain I was experiencing.”

While in the Emergency Department, Dr. Hamidi ordered a numbing medication from the pharmacy and applied it to Johnnie’s face. “Once I received my prescriptions for the local pharmacy, my nurse Elizabeth Hunt explained the medications and instructions for use,” said Johnnie.

“When we walked out of the Emergency Department, both my husband and I felt confident.

“All of our questions had been answered and our concerns addressed,” she added.

To top off an excellent experience, Dr. Hamidi reached out to Johnnie after her visit. “Dr. Hamidi actually called to check on me later that afternoon and said that he would be praying for my recovery. These days, that is not very common,” said Johnnie. “Don and I remain impressed about the care we received that day. Dr. Hamidi and his Emergency Department staff exceeded all of our expectations.”

Johnnie shared her experience with her sister-in-law who lives in Florida. “She commented how unusual that was,” recalled Johnnie. “Don and I simply responded, ‘Not for McLeod.’”

Each day the Emergency Department team faces many challenges, and most of them are unexpected. “I know how busy the Emergency Department can be,” said Johnnie. “Of course, there were other patients seeking care that day, yet Dr. Hamidi and Elizabeth gave me their undivided attention.

“The compassionate care I received at the McLeod Health Dillon Emergency Department calmed the frightful experience that led me there,” she added.