The Finest in Cancer Care & Treatment from the Midlands to the Coast.

After being diagnosed with cancer, a person experiences a myriad of emotions and decisions – how and where to fight your cancer. No matter where cancer occurs – breast, brain, lung, prostate, blood system – McLeod Health provides understanding and highly-skilled specialists, infusion services, proven treatments, and the best technology in the region. The McLeod Center for Cancer Treatment & Research located on the campus of McLeod Regional Medical Center in Florence, SC has been the choice for medical excellence for hundreds, if not thousands, of people each year.

The McLeod Center for Cancer Treatment and Research is the home of hope and help for cancer patients from the Midlands to the Coast. Our physicians, surgeons, navigators and staff will be with you for your entire journey as we diagnose and select the cancer treatment therapies that will offer the best prospect for hope, recovery and rehabilitation.

  • All You Need In One Place

    The McLeod Center for Cancer Treatment and Research consolidates diagnosis, treatment, recovery and rehabilitation resources in one place. Patients will find Infusion Services (such as chemotherapy), Radiation Oncology and their cancer specialists all in one place at McLeod Regional Medical Center in Florence. Patients receiving chemotherapy can find tranquility by gazing out on the healing garden enclosed by a gentle water wall. The concourse with its pharmacy, spa, gift shop, Starbucks and restaurants is easily accessible by patients and families.

  • Range of Cancer Treatment Boosts Recovery and Survival

    Cancer is not one disease but many that are found in different parts of the body. McLeod Center for Cancer Treatment and Research concentrates on treating these cancers through a multitude of therapies, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy that delivers relief faster and in fewer treatments or reduces the need for drastic surgery. Cancer research plays an important role at McLeod, offering access to new therapies and treatments not available at many other hospitals.

  • A Constant Search for New Diagnostic and Treatment Technology

    Ways to shrink and kill cancer constantly change. McLeod wants to be sure our patients benefit from these developments, adding radiation units that preserve healthy tissue, as well as shorten treatments and decrease the number of treatments. They come by many names – SRS, SBRT and IMRT – but they all represent improved chances of recovery. Learn more about Radiation Oncology.

  • Infusion Services

    Infusion Services is an outpatient department of McLeod Regional Medical Center with locations in the McLeod Center for Cancer Treatment and Research in Florence and McLeod Health Seacoast in Little River. This department provides infusion treatments with a specialty in Oncology and Hematology. The team works closely with the oncologists of McLeod Oncology and Hematology Associates and McLeod Oncology and Hematology Associates at Seacoast, Pharmacy, and other support areas to provide safe and holistic care to the patients as well as their families.


    Any questions concerning the patient’s diagnosis, treatment, and side effects can be and are provided by this team. The Infusion Services department also offers ample room for a family member or friend to remain with the patient and provide support while they receive treatment.

  • Navigators

    After your diagnosis, a Cancer Navigator is available as needed to provide you with education about your cancer diagnosis and treatment plan as well as to answer any questions you or your family may have. Cancer Navigators can help connect patients to additional resources that may be needed to ensure access to care. As you move into the “new normal” after the completion of active treatment, Cancer Navigators are also available to assist you with the transition of managing cancer survivorship.


    Cancer Navigators at McLeod include the following:
    Karen Jones, RN, Brain Cancer, (843) 409-1533
    Beth Epps, RN, BSN, Lung Cancer, (843) 777-5640
    Terri Thomas, RT (R), Prostate and Colon Cancer, (843) 777-6339
    Angela McNeil, RN, Cancer Survivorship, (843) 777-5653
    Tracey Godwin, RN, CBCN, Breast Cancer, (843) 777-5418

    If you would like to speak to a Cancer Navigator, but do not see your cancer diagnosis listed, please call Lauren Snipes at (843) 777-0899 and she will connect you with an appropriate cancer representative.

  • Cancer Resource Guide Holds Help and Answers for You

    The McLeod Cancer Resource Guide contains information about the medical staff, treatment options, technology, and programs and services that encompasses the McLeod Center for Cancer Treatment and Research. We hope you find this guide helpful and encouraging whether you are a patient, caregiver or physician. Download the Guide.

  • McLeod Exceeds Quality Standard for Colon Cancer Treatment

    At McLeod Regional Medical Center, there are greater than 100 new cases of colorectal cancer diagnosed and/or treated annually. As treatment for colorectal cancer continues to improve, McLeod remains committed to providing the highest quality of care to patients in the region.


    McLeod Regional Medical Center (MRMC) is nationally accredited by the American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer as a Community Comprehensive Cancer Program. This means that MRMC meets or exceeds standards of care and quality metrics defined by the Commission on Cancer as essential to provision of high quality cancer care.

    For colon cancer, the American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer has set a very specific measure related to colon cancer and surgical resections. Evidence supports that best practice for colon cancer surgery is that “at least 12 lymph nodes are removed and pathologically examined for resected colon cancer.” The American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer has set an expected performance rate for this guideline as 85% compliance. For the most recent complete year of data collection, calendar year 2015, results from the National Cancer Data Base quality reporting tool indicate that the performance rate for McLeod Regional Medical Center is 94 percent. This is greater than South Carolina’s cumulative performance rate of 91 percent and the national performance rate of 92 percent.

  • Accreditation – The Mark of Quality for Cancer Patients

    McLeod Center for Cancer Treatment and Research stands as the region’s only “Comprehensive Community Cancer Program” as accredited by the American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer. Only 1 out of 4 cancer programs in the country are accredited. McLeod Breast Health Center carries the prestigious “National Accreditation Program for Breast Cancers” and the McLeod Radiation Oncology Department is only one of 12 American College of Radiology Accredited programs in the state.

  • Cancer Rehabilitation Helps Patients Function Better

    The side effects of cancer treatment often cause fatigue, chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy, difficulty with memory or concentration, muscle aches, bone or joint pain, lymphedema or swelling, weakness and balance problems. Through the McLeod Cancer Rehabilitation Program, our goal is to minimize these side effects. Our Cancer Rehabilitation Program is provided by a group of trained medical professionals who specialize in physical and occupational therapy, speech pathology and personal training. Each team member provides expertise, guidance, training and support throughout your rehabilitation treatment. Your cancer rehabilitation plan will depend on individualized goals that focus on increasing strength and energy, managing pain and improving your functioning and quality of life.