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  • Cancer

    Using Robotic-Assisted Surgery for Prostate Cancer

    Robert W. Santa-Cruz, MD
    McLeod Urology Associates
    23 APRIL 2018

    For a man, prostate surgery for cancer is one of the most sensitive procedures he can face for a number of reasons.  McLeod Urologist Richard Santa-Cruz, MD, explains how robotic-assisted help surgery can improve the outcome and reduce much of the anxiety:

  • Cancer

    Dense Breast Tissue, Cancer — and Does It Matter to Me?

    Wesley Shawn Conwell, MD
    Carolina Radiology Associates
    20 APRIL 2018

    Mammograms are the standard diagnostic tool for spotting breast cancer. On the mammogram, normal breast tissue appears as black while most forms of breast cancer show up as white.

  • Cancer

    Treating Prostate Cancer: Watchful Waiting to Radiation Therapy

    Virginia L. Clyburn-Ipock, MD
    MRMC Radiation Oncology
    12 APRIL 2018

    A man facing prostate cancer also faces one of the widest range of treatments for any cancer. “Watchful Waiting” is unique to cancer of the prostate, a walnut-sized gland that sits in a man’s pelvic area.

  • Cancer

    Pancreatic Cancer and You

    Veeral M. Oza, MD
    McLeod Digestive Health Center
    04 APRIL 2018

    In South Carolina, statistics point to 1,000 new cases of pancreatic cancer each year. Yet, many people have no idea where their pancreas is located or what it does.

  • Cancer

    Your Chemobag: Things to Pack for Your Chemotherapy Session

    Ravneet Bajwa, MD
    McLeod Oncology and Hematology Associates
    27 MARCH 2018

    Chemotherapy treatment for cancer can take a toll on you emotionally and physically. To keep you comfortable and engaged for the hours you spend at the McLeod Cancer Center, come prepared.

  • Cancer

    Treating Colon Cancer for a Longer Life

    Timothy J. Spurling, MD
    McLeod Digestive Health Center
    21 MARCH 2018

    The colon is the four to six feet of the large intestine and an important part of your digestive system. With the broad range of “bad for us” foods we impose on the colon – nachos, pizza, fries, steak, and BBQ to name just a few – it’s no surprise that colon cancer strikes 1 in 18 Americans.

  • Cancer

    Preventing Colon Cancer

    Timothy J. Spurling, MD
    McLeod Digestive Health Center
    12 MARCH 2018

    Colon cancer is the third leading cause of cancer-related death in the United States. However, it is also one cancer that can be prevented with regular screening through colonoscopy.

  • Cancer

    Colonoscopy: Two Days That Can Save Your Life

    Deepak Chowdhary, MD
    McLeod Digestive Health Center
    08 MARCH 2018

    Colonoscopy is a unique cancer screening procedure. First, it can find polyps and prevent them from growing into cancer. Second, it only takes two days of your life

  • Cancer

    Treating a Brain Tumor

    T. Rhett Spencer Jr., MD
    MRMC Radiation Oncology
    28 FEBRUARY 2018

    “There are multiple types of brain tumors, but 80 to 90 percent of what we treat are not true brain tumors,” says McLeod Radiation Oncologist Rhett Spencer, MD. “Most common is a tumor that has metastasized (spread) to the brain from another location in the body.”