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  • General Health

    Leading an Obese Child to Healthier Life

    Jude M. Thomas, MD
    McLeod Pediatrics Cheraw
    23 SEPTEMBER 2019

    “Childhood obesity raises the risk of a long list of health issues,” says McLeod Pediatrician Dr. Jude Thomas. “The potential problems include bone/joint problems, asthma and Type 2 diabetes, which can lead to heart disease and kidney problems.

  • General Health

    Misconceptions About Epilepsy

    Olinda Spencer, MD
    McLeod Neurology Associates Carolina Forest
    21 AUGUST 2019

    Many people hear the word epilepsy and envision and person on the ground in convulsions. But McLeod Neurologist Olinda Spencer, MD, says it’s more than that and there are numerous misconceptions.

  • General Health

    When Your Nerves Misfire – Neuropathy

    Olinda Spencer, MD
    McLeod Neurology Associates Carolina Forest
    16 AUGUST 2019

    Neuropathy is the technical term for nerve damage…or when your nerves aren’t working the way they should. McLeod Neurologist Olinda Spencer, MD, describes common causes, symptoms and treatments of neuropathy.

  • General Health

    Robotic-Assisted Surgery Helps with the Opioid Crisis

    15 JULY 2019

    WBTW News 13’s Meghan Miller recently interview McLeod General Surgeon Nicholas White, MD explored how robotic-assisted surgery cuts opioid use.

  • General Health

    Role of the Intensivist

    Marwan K. Elya, MD
    McLeod Critical Care Specialists
    09 JULY 2019

    Patients in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) require a special level of medical help, due to the seriousness of their injuries or illnesses. McLeod Critical Care Specialist Marwan Elya, MD, describes the care available at the McLeod Regional Medical Center.

  • General Health

    Treating Your Sleeplessness and Apnea

    Marwan K. Elya, MD
    McLeod Critical Care Specialists
    01 JULY 2019

    Tossing and turning.  Snoring. These symptoms may do more than aggravate the person sharing your bed.  It can be the sign of a disorder leading to serious health and safety issues, according to the Director of McLeod Sleep Clinic Marwan Elya, MD.

  • General Health

    Preparing to Visit Your Primary Care Physician

    Allan R. Macdonald, MD
    McLeod Family Medicine Center
    25 JUNE 2019

    One of the most important aspects of primary care is the doctor-patient relationship.  You can start building that relationship by scheduling at least one visit a year with your primary care physician.  The more your physician gets to know you as a patient, the more he or she can help with health issues early on, when they are much easier to treat.

  • General Health

    Parkinson’s 10 Early Warning Signs

    Deborah L. Kirby, MD
    McLeod Neurological Associates
    11 MAY 2019

    Trembling in hands, legs and face combined with stiffness and slowness of movement, leading to poor balance and coordination. These signs may mark the beginning of Parkinson’s Disease, caused when nerve cells in the brain fail to produce enough of the chemical dopamine. Symptoms may worsen into sleep problems and trouble swallowing but a variety of medicines can radically reduce the symptoms.

  • General Health

    Are Probiotics and a Vegetarian Diet for You?

    Veeral M. Oza, MD
    McLeod Digestive Health Center
    29 APRIL 2019

    Addressing a Women’s Health Panel in Florence, McLeod Gastroenterologist Veeral Oza, MD, talked about the potential benefits of taking probiotics and a vegetarian diet.