For the Best Choice in Hospice Care,
Turn to McLeod

When seeking hospice care for a loved one, options abound. Only McLeod Hospice combines the benefits of a not-for-profit organization, offering care to any qualified patients, and if needed, an inpatient hospice house; all backed by the region’s largest and most trusted healthcare system. Serving 11 counties from the Midlands to the Coast in South Carolina, McLeod Hospice offers the best in palliative (pain management) and hospice care, when needed most.

McLeod Hospice serves Florence, Darlington, Dillon, Horry, Lee, Marion, Chesterfield, Marlboro, Clarendon, Sumter and Williamsburg counties.

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  • More Reasons to Choose McLeod Hospice

    Seven McLeod Health hospitals directly serve McLeod Hospice, delivering greater flexibility to you and your family:

    • McLeod Hospice patients can be admitted to any McLeod Hospital with the assistance of the Hospice staff.
    • When a McLeod Emergency Department treats a McLeod Hospice patient, their costs will be covered.
    • We are not-for-profit.
      • Funds are used to support services, not pay shareholders or owners
      • We provide hospice care to any qualified patient, no matter whether they have insurance or an ability to pay.
  • Our Staff Provides the Best Care to Your Loved Ones

    McLeod Hospice has a caring team of professionals devoted to giving your loved ones the best care. Our team consists of a Medical Director, Primary Care Nurses, Social Workers, Home Health Aides and Chaplains.

  • The Comfort of Home Is Invaluable During Trying Times

    Jeannette Glenn, a wife and mother to McLeod Hospice patients, shares why having the comforts of home means so much during difficult times.

  • Servant Attitude and Love Are What Sets the McLeod Hospice House Apart

    Dick Frate, husband to a Hospice House patient, explains the genuine love and care the team at McLeod Hospice House have for their patients.

  • Help Support the Good Work of Hospice With Your Gift

    Although Hospice receives payments from various private and government insurers, private donations enable us to maintain a high level of care, for those who have no insurance coverage. Click here to make a donation to McLeod Hospice.