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Dr. Caetie Rabon:

Champion for

Rural Health Care

Dr. Caetie Rabon

Dr. Caetie Rabon serves as the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for McLeod Health Inland Rural Hospitals. Appointed in 2021, the purpose of her role is to ensure McLeod Health patients living in Cheraw, Clarendon, Dillon and their surrounding areas receive safe, quality and compassionate care close to home.READ MORE


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Faith, Family & Healing

A Father’s Miraculous Recovery

Jimmy Bizzle, Jr.

Lake City native Jimmy Bizzle, Jr., has been a truck driver for more than 30 years. His two daughters, Shalonda Cooper-Singletary and Tashauna Leggette, often checked in with him by phone once he completed his routes.READ MORE


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Alex Griffin

Alex Griffin

Children's Hospital

On April 13, 2023, six days after a tonsillectomy at another hospital, seven-year-old Alex Griffin woke his mom Brittany in the early morning hours to tell her he was bleeding.READ MORE


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Marion Broach

Neurosurgery Patient

When Florence resident Marion Broach began experiencing tremors in his right hand, he went to see his primary care physician Dr. John Mattheis with McLeod Family Medicine Center. Suspecting Parkinson’s disease, Dr. Mattheis referred Marion to Dr. Deborah Kirby with McLeod Neurological Associates.READ MORE


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A Joint


A Joint Effort

Joint replacement surgeries, one of the most common procedures performed at McLeod Health, have experienced significant improvements. Years ago, patients spent several days recovering in the hospital following joint replacement surgery, which is now being performed as an outpatient procedure.READ MORE


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Ernest Readon

Vascular Patient

It may have taken tremendous strength to recuperate from the lifesaving surgery Ernest Readon underwent with McLeod Vascular Surgeons Dr. Carmen Piccolo and Dr. William Jackson, but now that he is fully recovered Ernest claims to feel like Superman.READ MORE

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    We don't always know what lies ahead or what life has in store for us. But where healthcare is concerned, the further we go the closer we remain to home. With specialists' expertise, leading-edge treatments, and dedication to great patient experiences, McLeod Health is Well Ahead.

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    So much depends on the choices we make. When it comes to healthcare, one name stands above all others - McLeod Health. With the most advanced technology, the best specialists and the most dedicated health care team, McLeod Health is Here for Life.