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A Joint Effort

By Jennifer Beverly

Joint replacement surgeries, one of the most common procedures performed at McLeod Health, have experienced significant improvements. Years ago, patients spent several days recovering in the hospital following joint replacement surgery, which is now being performed as an outpatient procedure. McLeod Health Seacoast offers same day discharge for total joint replacement surgeries, allowing patients to recover in the comfort of their home.

Advancements in medical research and technology have made it possible to offer outpatient total joint replacements. Quality and safety are priorities at McLeod Health and by offering same day joint replacement surgery in a hospital setting, patients have peace of mind knowing there is an extra level of care.

Other benefits for outpatient joint replacement surgery include more effective anesthetics and pain control, lower infection rates, earlier mobility, faster recovery and higher patient satisfaction rates.

Orthopedic Surgeons Dr. Eric Heimberger, Dr. Christopher Walsh, and Dr. Colin Canham of McLeod Orthopaedics Seacoast are the hip and knee joint replacement experts along the coast. These three providers rank in the 99th percentile, the highest possible ranking, for patient satisfaction in outpatient total joint replacement surgeries, according to NRC Health. This rating is compared to 39 other outpatient surgery locations across Horry County, making this team the best in the area.


Sherrill Nielson, Total Knee Replacements

Sherrill Nielson, 64, began her nursing career at McLeod Regional Medical Center in 1984 as a new graduate working in the surgical intensive care unit. She quickly advanced, taking on many roles from house supervisor to Associate Vice President of Surgical Services to her current position as Chief Nursing Officer of McLeod Health Seacoast.

“My role as Chief Nursing Officer is different every day,” said Sherrill. “Most of my work revolves around helping our nursing directors and staff remove any barriers preventing them from caring for our patients.”

For years, Sherrill suffered from excruciating pain in both knees. After two meniscus tears, multiple injections and exhausting all conservative efforts, Dr. Eric Heimberger recommended knee replacement surgery to alleviate the pain.

“My quality of life had become severely impeded, and I knew surgery was the best option,” said Sherrill.

Both knee joints were rubbing bone on bone from arthritis, so Dr. Heimberger suggested surgery on the right knee first.

“Sherrill’s motivation for pain relief and willingness to remain active made her a great candidate for outpatient knee replacement surgery,” said Dr. Heimberger. “I encouraged her to attend the McLeod Total Joint Class for additional preparation prior to the procedure.”

On the day of surgery, Sherrill entrusted her own surgical team with her care as Dr. Heimberger performed surgery. She spent the next few hours in extended recovery before receiving a visit from rehabilitation. Sherrill’s physical therapist had her standing and walking before being discharged that afternoon. She continued outpatient physical therapy for ten weeks and returned to work only three weeks after surgery.

“I feel great,” said Sherrill. “I’ve now had both knees replaced, and I cannot thank the entire McLeod team enough for the encouragement and support they provided me during this process.”


Keith Hemingway, Bilateral Hip Replacement

Born and raised in Loris, Keith Hemingway, 54, suffered from extreme hip pain for many years. When the pain became too overwhelming and interfered with his favorite hobbies - hunting, fishing and basketball- Keith decided to seek help from McLeod Orthopaedics Seacoast.

“I originally saw Sports Medicine Physician Dr. Jeremy McCallum of McLeod Orthopaedics Seacoast, who sent me to McLeod Health Seacoast for a MRI scan,” said Keith. “The images showed that all the cartilage in both hips had worn away.”

Dr. McCallum referred Keith to his partner, Dr. Colin Canham. Dr. Canham reviewed the images and agreed that Keith needed two total hip replacements but wanted to schedule the surgeries at separate times.

“I told Dr. Canham I wanted to have both hips replaced at the same time,” said Keith. Given Keith’s age and good health, Dr. Canham allowed him to have simultaneous bilateral hip replacement surgery.

“Most bilateral total hip patients are younger, active and motivated to participate in more rigorous physical therapy,” said Dr. Canham.

“Keith had all the right characteristics and a great attitude to proceed with this procedure.”

Dr. Canham decided the anterior approach would be the best hip replacement option for Keith.

“This muscle-sparing surgery reduces pain and improves mobility,” said Dr. Canham.

“The incision is made on the front of the hip, instead of the side or back, without detaching the muscles from the hipbone.”

Because the hip muscles are not cut during an anterior approach, recovery restrictions are limited or nonexistent in terms of range of motion, making it easier to replace both hips at the same time.

Keith spent one night in the hospital as an extra precaution since surgery was performed on both hips. “I felt so good just days after my procedure that I went shopping with my family,” said Keith.

Keith completed six weeks of physical therapy and went back to work after four weeks.

“I cannot believe how much better I feel after my bilateral hip replacement,” said Keith. “I am back to enjoying life with my family and hunting and fishing in my spare time. I am so thankful for Dr. Canham and the team at McLeod Health Seacoast.”


Liza Long, Total Knee Replacements

Kindergarten Aide Liza Long has been working with children for nearly 25 years. Knee pain began to consume her life, and simple movements like walking and bending became harder each day.

“I enjoy working with kindergarteners because the children are so sweet at that age,” said Liza. “However, my knee pain made interacting with my class incredibly difficult.”

Liza’s Primary Care Physician Dr. Darron Molter of McLeod Primary Care Seacoast referred her to Dr. Christopher Walsh. Dr. Walsh reviewed Liza’s scans of both knees and knew immediately she would need surgery.

“Dr. Walsh tried to treat my knee pain conservatively with injections, but that quickly failed,” said Liza. “We decided to proceed with surgery on my right knee first.”

Dr. Walsh performed a robotic-assisted knee replacement on Liza. “Robots have been at the forefront of revolutionizing surgery for decades,” said Dr. Walsh. “The use of robotic-assisted surgical systems help orthopedic surgeons operate more accurately and precisely in determining prosthetic alignment.”

Liza’s right total knee replacement was such a success that she scheduled surgery for her left knee just a few months later.

“I went home the same day of my surgery and spent ten weeks in physical therapy regaining strength,” said Liza. “I cannot thank the staff at McLeod Health Seacoast and Dr. Walsh enough. I received exceptional care, from the nurse who prayed with me before my procedure to my physical therapist who helped me walk down the hall.”

Today, Liza is back in her kindergarten class doing what she loves. “This school year I have Dr. Walsh’s daughter in my room. What a small world!”