McLeod Health Pastoral Services
Help is only a phone call away.

McLeod Chaplains can help you through any difficult emotion you are experiencing whether you are a person of faith or not. A team of McLeod Chaplains work around the clock at McLeod Regional Medical Center in Florence and can be reached anytime by calling (843) 777-2119. These Chaplains can assist in person or dispatch Chaplains across the entire McLeod Health coverage area.

McLeod Chaplains work together with the staff to fulfill the Core Values of McLeod Health.

The Value of Caring – McLeod Chaplains provide caring, empathetic and compassionate listening during situations of stress, loneliness, crisis etc., offering support enabling persons to move beyond crisis or reframe a situation to attain a calmer state of mind or perspective.

The Value of the Person – Chaplains honor each person’s value by helping them to recognize the resources available to them in their own social, cultural and spiritual background.

The Value of Quality – Each McLeod Chaplain has had extensive training in how to provide care to a diverse population.

The Value of Integrity – What is said to a Chaplain is confidential. The Chaplain will not share contents of the conversation with anyone, even another Chaplain without the consent of the person and in their presence.

The Pastoral Services Department at McLeod is made up of both employed Chaplains and Volunteer Chaplains. If you are interested in Volunteering, click here to submit your application.

McLeod also recognizes the value our local clergy provide by visiting patients. If you are a Pastor or Spiritual Leader and would like to be included on our list of approved Spiritual Visitors, click here to submit your request.