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  • Orthopedics

    Rotator Cuff Injury: Too Much Shoulder to the Wheel

    Patrick K. Denton, MD
    Pee Dee Orthopaedic Associates
    22 JUNE 2017

    Your doctor lifts your arms up over your head. Then, you are asked to slowly drop your arms down by your side. Both arms slowly move until they are straight out from the shoulder.  As you continue, one arm just falls quickly to your side.

  • Heart Health

    Atherosclerosis: Clogged arteries on the Road to Heart Attack

    McLeod Cardiology Associates – Myrtle Beach
    21 JUNE 2017

    When your arteries start to clog with fatty plaque – a condition called atherosclerosis — you are on the road to a heart attack. McLeod Cardiologist Vaishali Swami, MD, points out the symptoms to spot so you can seek treatment and avoid a heart attack.

  • Womens Health

    Stress Incontinence: Troubling but Common with a Range of Treatments

    Marla J. Hardenbergh, MD
    McLeod OB/GYN Dillon
    20 JUNE 2017

    Many women suffer the embarrassment and discomfort of stress incontinence, where urine leaks with a sneeze or cough. In answering questions at a recent public event, two experienced Gynecologists discuss the problem and possible solutions.

  • Womens Health

    Centering Pregnancy – The Power of the Group

    15 JUNE 2017

    Some women’s practices are offering a patient-centered group for pregnant women, called Centering Pregnancy. Thomas Chappell, a Certified Nurse Midwife with McLeod Women’s Care Clarendon explains this alternative for prenatal care.

  • Orthopedics

    Could your Achilles Tendon Be Your Achilles Heel?

    Jason B. O’dell, MD
    Pee Dee Orthopaedic Associates
    14 JUNE 2017

    Here’s a quick lesson in Greek Mythology you can share at your next social gathering.
    Achilles, a warrior in Greek mythology, was invulnerable except for a spot on his heel. The mythology story – Achilles mother dipping him as a baby into the magic River Styx except for his heel — is so popular that the tendon connecting our calf muscle to our heel bone is identified as the Achilles tendon.

  • Heart Health

    Atrial Fibrillation: Causes and Treatments for Erratic Heartbeats

    Rajesh Malik, MD
    McLeod Cardiology Associates – Florence
    13 JUNE 2017

    “Atrial fibrillation describes a condition, where the upper chamber of the heart lacks organized activity,” says McLeod Electrophysiologist, Dr. Rajesh Malik. “The prevalence of atrial fibrillation or afib is increasing as the population ages and our lifestyle changes. To understand afib, it’s best to appreciate the structure and process of the heart.”

  • Cancer

    Chemobrain: Dealing with This Curious Side Effect of Cancer Chemotherapy

    Stewart A. Sharp, MD
    McLeod Oncology and Hematology – Seacoast
    12 JUNE 2017

    Researchers are finding many ways to help deduce or eliminate side effects of cancer chemotherapy. One of chemotherapy’s side effects still escapes the researchers, according to McLeod Seacoast Oncologist Stewart Sharp, MD. Yet, there are ways to help the patient.

  • Womens Health

    The Important Role of the Midwife in a Woman’s Health

    09 JUNE 2017

    A growing number of women’s health medical practices are enhancing hands-on care with Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNM).

  • Cancer

    What Happens When You Go in For a Chemotherapy Cancer Treatment

    Stewart A. Sharp, MD
    McLeod Oncology and Hematology – Seacoast
    08 JUNE 2017

    Adding to the anxiety of cancer is the unknown of what your first chemotherapy treatment will be like. McLeod Seacoast Oncologist Stewart Sharp, MD, helps relieve the unknown by explaining what happens when you go in for a chemotherapy cancer treatment.