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  • Cancer

    Know Your Breast Cancer Risk Factors. Control Those You Can.

    Amanda Turbeville, MD
    McLeod Loris Seacoast Surgery – Little River
    19 JANUARY 2018

    There is a long list of items that can put you at greater risk for breast cancer. Some – like your family’s history of cancer – you cannot control. Yet, McLeod Surgeon Amanda Turbeville, MD, says there are many breast cancer risk factors you CAN control.

  • Heart Health

    Transradial Cardiac Catheterization: Less Pain, Faster Recovery

    Fred M. Krainin, MD
    McLeod Cardiology Associates – Florence
    18 JANUARY 2018

    American cardiologists are turning to an alternate technique to diagnose heart artery blockages that has a number of benefits for the patient. McLeod Cardiologist Fred Krainin, MD, explains sending a catheter through the wrist, rather than through the leg.

  • Womens Health

    Mid-Urethral Sling: Hallmark Surgical Solution for Pelvic Organ Prolapse

    W. Brad Campbell, MD
    McLeod OB/GYN Associates
    17 JANUARY 2018

    A small incision during a simple outpatient procedure can mark your return to pelvic health, according to McLeod Gynecologist Brad Campbell, MD.

  • Orthopedics

    Anterior Hip Replacement: Less Pain, Faster Recovery

    Eric Heimberger, MD
    McLeod Orthopaedics Seacoast
    16 JANUARY 2018

    Many patients benefit from replacing hip joints from the front of a person’s hip – rather than from the side or back. McLeod Seacoast Orthopedic Surgeon Eric Heimberger, M.D., explains why:

  • Cancer

    Brain Tumors. What You Need to Know.

    William Naso, MD
    Florence Neurosurgery & Spine Center
    11 JANUARY 2018

    “The diagnosis of a brain tumor is obviously a life-altering experience, because the brain is who we are,” says Dr. William Naso of Florence Neurosurgery & Spine Center. “It’s the center of how we interact with people.”

  • Orthopedics

    Knee Joint Replacement: How Do You Know When It’s Time?

    Patrick K. Denton, MD
    Pee Dee Orthopaedic Associates
    10 JANUARY 2018

    Will I need a joint replacement? And, if so, when will it be time?

  • Womens Health

    Coping with Menopause and Its Effects on Your Body

    Melissa C. Brooks, MD
    McLeod OB/GYN Dillon
    09 JANUARY 2018

    Menopause announces its presence through a sizable list of hormonal and possible physical changes for a woman.

  • Heart Health

    Repairing the Dangerous Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

    Joshua A. Sibille, MD
    McLeod Vascular Associates – Little River
    08 JANUARY 2018

    When a person’s artery near the heart starts to expand like a balloon, the key for vascular specialists is to spot the problem and repair it before the “balloon” bursts, presenting a potentially fatal situation.

  • Womens Health

    Ovarian Cyst: When Is It A Problem?

    A. Lynn Clary, MD
    McLeod Women’s Care
    04 JANUARY 2018

    During a woman’s monthly cycle, her ovaries form follicles that will grow eggs. When the follicle releases its egg, the sac normally shrinks and disappears.