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  • Heart Health

    Cardiac Catheterization: A Common, Successful Heart Diagnosis Tool

    Fred M. Krainin, MD
    McLeod Cardiology Associates – Florence
    18 JULY 2017

    Many people with chest pain will find themselves referred to a cardiologist for a test to find heart blockages. McLeod Cardiologist Fred Krainin, MD, describes the role and process of the cardiac catheterization.

  • Heart Health

    Exercise is Good for a Healthy Heart – But How Much?

    Ryan C. Garbalosa, DO
    McLeod Cardiology Associates – Clarendon
    13 JULY 2017

    Failure to exercise is cited as one of the primary contributors to death from heart disease. The association between physical activity and heart disease was noted more than 60 years ago

  • Heart Health

    A Stroke Snapshot: Risks, Signs and Treatments

    Kimberly A. Monnell, DO
    MRMC – McLeod Inpatient Physicians
    07 JULY 2017

    RISK FACTORS A stroke occurs in one of two cases. In the first, blood is blocked from going to the brain by a

  • Heart Health

    Heart Failure: Causes and Signs to Watch For

    McLeod Cardiology Associates – Myrtle Beach
    29 JUNE 2017

    When the heart muscle losses strength for pumping blood to the body, the condition is known as heart failure. McLeod Cardiologist Vaishali Swami, MD, points to a long list of causes. So watch for the telltale signs of heart failure.

  • Heart Health

    Atherosclerosis: Clogged arteries on the Road to Heart Attack

    McLeod Cardiology Associates – Myrtle Beach
    21 JUNE 2017

    When your arteries start to clog with fatty plaque – a condition called atherosclerosis — you are on the road to a heart attack. McLeod Cardiologist Vaishali Swami, MD, points out the symptoms to spot so you can seek treatment and avoid a heart attack.

  • Heart Health

    Atrial Fibrillation: Causes and Treatments for Erratic Heartbeats

    Rajesh Malik, MD
    McLeod Cardiology Associates – Florence
    13 JUNE 2017

    “Atrial fibrillation describes a condition, where the upper chamber of the heart lacks organized activity,” says McLeod Electrophysiologist, Dr. Rajesh Malik. “The prevalence of atrial fibrillation or afib is increasing as the population ages and our lifestyle changes. To understand afib, it’s best to appreciate the structure and process of the heart.”

  • Heart Health

    Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm: Don’t Ignore the Signs

    Christopher G. Cunningham, MD
    McLeod Vascular Associates Florence
    05 JUNE 2017

    Pain comes with aging. But a specific type of back pain warns of an impending disaster – a bulge in one of your body’s key blood vessels, ready to explode.

  • Heart Health

    Calcium Score Screening Helps Prevent Heart Problems

    Alan M. Blaker, MD
    McLeod Cardiology Associates – Florence
    31 MAY 2017

    Using a non-invasive, quick CT scan, cardiologists can now determine your risk of a coronary event, like a heart attack. McLeod Cardiologist Alan Blaker, MD, describes how your risk can be measured.

  • Heart Health

    Look for Stroke’s Warning Signs and FAST

    Timothy L. Hagen, DO
    MRMC – McLeod Inpatient Physicians
    26 MAY 2017

    The signs of a person having a stroke – basically a heart attack in the brain – are easy to spot IF you know what to look for. McLeod Neurologist Timothy Hagen, DO, lists the signs for you to spot.