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  • Heart Health

    Treating The Potentially Deadly Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

    William A. Jackson, MD
    McLeod Cardiology Associates – Myrtle Beach
    22 OCTOBER 2019

    When the walls weaken in one of the important blood vessels carrying blood to the body, the danger of a deadly rupture exists.  McLeod Vascular Surgeon Dr. William C. Jackson explains various treatments for an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm.

  • Heart Health

    Carotid Artery Disease

    Joshua A. Sibille, MD
    McLeod Vascular Associates – Little River
    14 OCTOBER 2019

    Clogged arteries that feed our brain present a serious danger of stroke and even death.  McLeod Vascular Specialist Dr. Joshua Sibille explains the cause and treatments for carotid artery disease.

  • Heart Health

    Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVTs) Dangers and Treatments

    Joshua A. Sibille, MD
    McLeod Vascular Associates – Little River
    09 OCTOBER 2019

    Potentially dangerous blood clots – called deep vein thrombosis – can strike a broad range of people from ages 30 to 80.  McLeod Vascular Specialist Dr. Joshua Sibille explains the dangers and treatments for DVTs.

  • Heart Health

    When Your Grandchild Should See a Pediatric Cardiologist

    David J. Steflik, MD
    McLeod Pediatric Cardiology
    30 SEPTEMBER 2019

    Each year, congenital heart disease (CHD) affects nearly 1% of births (approximately 40,000) in the United States. While CHD is the most common type of birth defect, the majority of children do not experience any significant heart problems. There are, however, some common conditions that can cause parents and grandparents alike to be concerned or worried.

  • Heart Health

    Warning Signs of Heart Valve Problems

    Robert H. Messier, Jr., MD, PhD
    McLeod Cardiothoracic Surgical Associates
    25 SEPTEMBER 2019

    “Your heart has 4 valves that are essentially flaps of tissue,” says McLeod Cardiothoracic Surgeon Dr. Robert Messier. “The main job of the valves is keeping the blood flowing in one direction through the heart and body.”

  • Heart Health

    Atherosclerosis: Clogged Arteries, the Path to Heart Attack

    Vaishali M. Swami, MD
    McLeod Cardiology Associates – Myrtle Beach
    16 SEPTEMBER 2019

    When your arteries start to clog with fatty plaque – a condition called atherosclerosis — you are on the road to a heart attack. McLeod Cardiologist Dr. Vaishali Swami points out the symptoms to spot so you can seek treatment and avoid a heart attack.

  • Heart Health

    Vascular Rehabilitation: Helping Arterial Blockages in Your Legs

    Carmen M. Piccolo, DO
    McLeod Vascular Associates Florence
    11 SEPTEMBER 2019

    Peripheral Arterial Disease – blockages in your legs – presents a potentially serious health threat. McLeod Vascular Specialist Dr. Carmen Piccolo, III outlines a special rehabilitation program for PAD patients.

  • Heart Health

    TCAR: Short Name for a Large Improvement in Carotid Artery Repair

    Christopher G. Cunningham, MD
    McLeod Vascular Associates – Little River
    06 SEPTEMBER 2019

    When trying to open the clogged carotid arteries in the neck, traditionally there was a danger of debris breaking off and going to the brain, because that’s the direction arterial blood is flowing. But now there’s a big changes in that direction – literally.

  • Heart Health

    Don’t Let the Silent Killer, High Blood Pressure, Bring You Down

    Ryan C. Garbalosa, DO
    McLeod Cardiology Associates – Sumter
    27 AUGUST 2019

    About 30% of Americans with high blood pressure don’t even know they have it.  Some symptoms you could possibly experience include headaches, nosebleeds, lightheadedness, dizziness, flushing sensation or palpitations.