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  • Orthopedics

    Is Shoulder Surgery in Your Future?

    David E. LUKOWSKI, MD
    McLeod Orthopaedics Seacoast
    26 JULY 2017

    If you look at the statistics, shoulder problems are not as great a problem as knee and hip joint issues.   Annually, total shoulder joint replacements number only about 1/20th as many as total knee joint replacements.

  • Orthopedics

    Is Total Joint Replacement Worth It?

    David M. Woodbury, MD
    McLeod Orthopaedics – Manning
    17 JULY 2017

    There’s no doubt about it. The number of hip joint and knee replacements is growing. Most total joint replacements are performed on patients over the age of 65, but in the 10 years before 2009, the number of knee and hip replacements tripled for those aged 40 – 50.

  • Orthopedics

    Aquatic Therapy for More Strength, Flexibility and Less Pain

    14 JULY 2017

    Rehabbing from an orthopedic surgery or injury? Trying to improve your sports performance? Aquatic Therapy might be the answer for you.

  • Orthopedics

    Weekend Warriors Beware When Your Achilles Tendon May Need Repair

    06 JULY 2017

    Ray loved weekend pick up football games. The competition. The excitement. The flashback to his high school football days. He’d stop, turn quickly and leap to catch a pass.  Then… snap, pop. Ow! What happened?  Ray fell to the ground with a stabbing pain in the back of his ankle.

  • Orthopedics

    Resurfacing versus Hip Joint Replacement: Studies Favor Replacement

    Michael J. Sutton, DO
    McLeod Orthopaedics Dillon
    30 JUNE 2017

    Total Hip Joint Replacement  remains one of the most common and most successful Orthopedic approaches for people with hip problems,” says McLeod Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Michael Sutton of McLeod Orthopaedics Dillon.  “Your surgeon replaces the injured or arthritic top of the leg (femur) with a stem and ball.  A cup is set into the hip to complete the cup-and-ball joint.”

  • Orthopedics

    Rotator Cuff Injury: Too Much Shoulder to the Wheel

    Patrick K. Denton, MD
    Pee Dee Orthopaedic Associates
    22 JUNE 2017

    Your doctor lifts your arms up over your head. Then, you are asked to slowly drop your arms down by your side. Both arms slowly move until they are straight out from the shoulder.  As you continue, one arm just falls quickly to your side.

  • Orthopedics

    Could your Achilles Tendon Be Your Achilles Heel?

    Jason B. O’dell, MD
    Pee Dee Orthopaedic Associates
    14 JUNE 2017

    Here’s a quick lesson in Greek Mythology you can share at your next social gathering.
    Achilles, a warrior in Greek mythology, was invulnerable except for a spot on his heel. The mythology story – Achilles mother dipping him as a baby into the magic River Styx except for his heel — is so popular that the tendon connecting our calf muscle to our heel bone is identified as the Achilles tendon.

  • Orthopedics

    Don’t Stumble When it Comes to an Ankle Fracture

    Jason B. O’dell, MD
    Pee Dee Orthopaedic Associates
    06 JUNE 2017

    Ankle injuries are some of the most common orthopedic-related issues people experience.

  • Orthopedics

    Anterior Hip Replacement: Less Pain, Faster Recovery

    Eric Heimberger, MD
    McLeod Orthopaedics Seacoast
    30 MAY 2017

    Many patients benefit from replacing hip joints from the front of a person’s hip – rather than from the side or back. McLeod Seacoast Orthopedic Surgeon Eric Heimberger, M.D., explains why.