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Coming Full Circle

By Lauren Snipes

The Raines family is passionately involved with the McLeod Children’s Hospital. Their significant relationship began more than 20 years ago when the niece of Chrisie Raines and her late husband, Mark, was born with a heart defect.

She was lovingly cared for by Dr. Charles Trant, the region’s only Pediatric Cardiologist at the time. They were so moved by her care that they wanted their company, then Raines Hospitality, to take an active role in giving back to the hospital that had given so much to their niece. In 2007, an inaugural annual fundraiser benefiting the McLeod Children’s Hospital began and continues to this day.

Their daughter, Cadie Raines Snead and her husband, Jameson, met at McLeod Regional Medical Center as nurses, and married a few years later. In February 2020, Jameson and Cadie learned they were expecting a baby. After years of loss and unsuccessful efforts to conceive, they were elated to begin this journey.

However, they were also a bit fearful to learn what the next nine months would hold. Cadie, a Type 1 diabetic, immediately knew that her pregnancy would be a journey involving many different teams at McLeod. Her Obstetrician, Dr. Brad Campbell with McLeod OB/GYN Associates, had guided them in the years leading to this moment and would play a vital role in Cadie’s pregnancy.

“Dr. Campbell and his entire team, especially Lindsey Sims and Judy Rogers, became like family to us. At one point, I was seeing them multiple times a week.

“They were always just a phone call away,” shares Cadie.

At ten weeks, an abnormality appeared on the ultrasound. Dr. Campbell sent Cadie over to McLeod Maternal Fetal Medicine immediately, where the physicians recommended more extensive testing.

At 15 weeks, Cadie and Jameson learned that their baby had a rare genetic syndrome. With this diagnosis came a wide range of possible challenges. One potential outcome was that their little boy could have heart defects.

Jones Parker Snead, “J.P.”, received his first fetal echo at just 16 weeks. He was closely monitored for many different complications but especially his cardiac health. Fortunately, throughout the duration of Cadie’s pregnancy, everything continued to check out
and appear normal in utero.

At 30 weeks, Cadie began going to the hospital several times a week to have a “non-stress test.” At 35 weeks, Cadie began showing signs of placenta insufficiency. Dr. Campbell, along with the Maternal Fetal Medicine team, decided on a C-section. They were confident J.P. could be safely delivered at McLeod Regional Medical Center since his heart was stable and healthy. Cadie and Jameson breathed a sigh of relief as they trusted Dr. Campbell for their delivery.

Cadie and Jameson knew their son would likely be admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). They were comforted to know their baby would have immediate access to the region’s only Level III NICU.

At 36 weeks, J.P. made his arrival. After a few hours, McLeod Neonatologist Dr. Tommy Cox recommended that J.P. be taken to the NICU for respiratory distress. At a normal birth weight, J.P. was otherwise healthy, but due to his early delivery, he needed to be in a controlled environment for observation.

It was decided that J.P. should receive an echo while in the NICU, due to his high risk of heart defects. Dr. David Steflik, the region’s only Pediatric Cardiologist, conducted this procedure. He discovered a few abnormalities, but nothing urgent or too worrisome. He recommended monitoring and follow up in six weeks.

During J.P.’s two-week routine weight check at McLeod Pediatric Associates, his Pediatrician Dr. Benjamin Elder detected a murmur along with multiple heart defects that would require frequent visits and close monitoring.

“Dr. Elder has played a very important role in our story, and we are incredibly grateful to have him as part of our family,” recalls Cadie.

Dr. Elder referred them to Dr. Steflik. Cadie and Jameson were immediately impressed by Dr. Steflik’s hands-on approach to their son’s care. He handles all of the ultrasounds and takes time to sit down with them during each appointment.

Remembering his gentle bedside manner while holding her precious J.P., Cadie says, “He became more than just our physician. He became our friend.”

Following in their family’s established tradition, Cadie and Jameson are proud to personally support the Children’s Hospital through the McLeod Health Foundation. Mark and Chrisie Raines’ passion for the McLeod Children’s Hospital has come full circle for this family.

Cadie speaks for her family when she shares, “The physicians and staff have become our family. They answer our questions and walk through everything with us. They even pray with us. You cannot help but get attached to people who love and care for your child. We want to continue to give back through the McLeod Health Foundation to support this noble work.”