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A Top-Notch Delivery

By Jennifer Beverly

Access to excellent healthcare at McLeod Health confirmed Eddie and Gaby Parisi’s decision to move to Little River, South Carolina.

Eddie’s career as Operations Manager of Topgolf brought him to Horry County to open and run the new, premier entertainment destination in Myrtle Beach. The couple explored many housing options before settling into their new Little River home.

“We researched the coastal area and chose Little River for safety, convenience and healthcare,” said Eddie. “The drive to Myrtle Beach is approximately 20 minutes and with Gaby being pregnant at the time, we felt good knowing that McLeod offered great doctors nearby.”

Gaby soon became an established patient with Dr. Chris McCauley of McLeod OB/GYN Seacoast. The practice has office locations in Little River, Loris and Carolina Forest, so Gaby had a choice of where she wanted to see the doctor.

As Gaby neared the end of her pregnancy, Dr. McCauley explained that his patients deliver at McLeod Health Loris. He suggested that Gaby and Eddie take a tour of the hospital in preparation for their new arrival.

“A few days later, Eddie and I decided to visit McLeod Health Loris Women’s Services. As we walked through the doors to find the elevators, a nice man recognized that we were lost.

“As it turned out, he was the hospital’s Administrator, Scott Montgomery. He personally took us up to the Labor and Delivery floor and showed us around,” recalled Gaby.

At 37 weeks gestation, Gaby saw Dr. McCauley for a scheduled check-up. After measuring her progression, Dr. McCauley informed Gaby that her cervix had dilated 2.5 centimeters. Gaby left the appointment to rest and take a nap.

Around 3:00 p.m., Gaby awoke suddenly from her nap with sharp belly pains. She began tracking her contractions and immediately became concerned. Cautiously, Gaby called Dr. McCauley’s office to let him know of her condition.

“I did not want to drive to Loris unless I was in labor,” said Gaby. “So, I called Dr. McCauley and he told me to drink some fluids and continue to monitor the length of time between my contractions.” As the day went on, Gaby’s pain became increasingly worse.

“This time I called Eddie and told him we needed to head to the hospital,” stated Gaby. “I knew the baby would be arriving soon!”

At 5:00 p.m., Eddie jumped into his truck and headed straight to the house to pick up his wife. As Gaby climbed into the vehicle, she realized the baby’s car seat had not been installed.

“At this point, the situation had become a comedy routine,” recalled Eddie. “I ran inside, grabbed the car seat and installed it, all while Gaby screamed at me to hurry up.”

Eddie quickly drove to McLeod Health Loris and pulled up to the Emergency Department. He rushed Gaby inside, and the nurse took her up to Labor and Delivery for an assessment.

Gaby was now dilated seven centimeters. The Labor and Delivery staff began preparing Gaby for delivery, but unfortunately she was unable to receive an epidural because of how quickly the baby was coming.

“The thought of delivering my baby without any pain management assistance terrified me,” said Gaby.

The nurses and staff tried to keep Gaby calm, but with English as her second language, she did not understand some of the medical terminology. Fortunately, attending physician Dr. Joycelyn Schindler of McLeod OB/GYN Seacoast spoke Spanish and coached Gaby through her delivery.

“Gaby immediately relaxed once I came into the room,” said Dr. Schindler. “Since I’m bilingual, I offered reassurance and kept her focused on the baby.”

On April 4, 2019, at 7:51 p.m., Evan Paul Parisi made his entrance into the world. He weighed six pounds, eight ounces and measured 19 inches long.

Gaby remained in the hospital overnight as an extra precaution and went home the next day.

“Overjoyed with our new arrival, Eddie and I cannot thank Dr. Schindler and the nursing staff enough for the encouragement they provided during the delivery of our healthy baby boy,” said Gaby. “Everyone at the hospital went above and beyond during our stay. I’m so happy we chose to have our baby at McLeod Health Loris.”