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McLeod Health: An Epic Journey

By Kelly Hughes

McLeod Health is in constant pursuit of care beyond excellence. To deliver on our commitment to provide quality care, McLeod Health is moving to a new electronic medical record platform which will revolutionize the patient’s experience.

What is Epic?
On December 3, 2022, McLeod Health will launch a new electronic medical record (EMR) platform that will enhance the way McLeod delivers healthcare. Epic is the preferred electronic medical record system for more than 250 health care organizations nationwide.

In 2021, healthcare customers rated Epic the number one EMR. With the patient at its heart, Epic software is built around a single, comprehensive health record. Everything works together in the doctor’s office, hospital and patient’s home. In addition to award-winning features, Epic is already being utilized by 72 percent of the United States population. It is likely McLeod Health patients have already experienced Epic in other healthcare settings.

What does this mean for you, the patient?
Safe and effective treatment, delivered in a warm and caring environment, provided as quickly as possible – that is the goal. However, the complexity of healthcare requires physicians to have access to a patient’s complete medical history quickly so they can meet that goal – this is where Epic excels. Patients will also have real-time access to their medical information.

What does this mean for providers?
Epic will ensure physicians and clinical teams have the patient’s medical records at their fingertips. This includes both hospital records as well as medical records from their primary care provider or specialists.

Take, for instance, this scenario – a patient from Cheraw who is on vacation at the beach suddenly has chest pains and goes to the Emergency Department at McLeod Health Seacoast. The physician will have access to the patient’s records from their primary care provider in Cheraw as well as their cardiologist in Florence. Having this time-sensitive, critical information ensures the Emergency Department physician knows everything about the patient they are treating.

“Epic will allow a physician caring for patients in the office and in the hospital access to all of the patient’s medical information – lab results, medications, radiology reports and other critical components – in one place,” said Dr. Matthew Weeks, Chief Medical Officer of McLeod Loris Seacoast.

Doctors are not the only ones who will have better access to your medical records. McLeod MyChart will be the new patient portal going live with Epic in December 2022.

McLeod MyChart puts the patient in control of their health and wellness. McLeod MyChart is a secure and easy tool that allows the patient to manage their healthcare 24/7 without having to call the doctor’s office or visit the medical records department. From a computer or a smartphone, you can access your medical records, message your care team, refill prescriptions, view and pay your medical bills and so much more.

“McLeod MyChart empowers patients to be active participants in their health care,” said Dr. Richard Alexander, Family Medicine Physician and Chief Medical Officer of McLeod Physician Associates. “With this tool, patients can quickly access medical information – including their current medications – which keeps our patients safe.”

Need to help a family member manage their care?
With McLeod MyChart a patient can grant others proxy access, keeping everyone informed of upcoming medical visits and changes in medications as well as the opportunity to communicate directly with medical providers. This feature ensures family, or a designated person, can help their loved ones stay on top of their health.

In the months ahead, McLeod Health patients will receive more information about the benefits of McLeod MyChart and how to sign up in December once the new system is live. Detailed information will be available in all McLeod Physician Associates practices and at each McLeod Health hospital campus.

McLeod Health started the journey of providing excellent healthcare from the Midlands to the Coast more than 116 years ago. Along the way, the system continues to focus on the patient’s experience and seeks to stay at the forefront of the advancements in medicine. This transition to a new EMR and patient portal will propel McLeod forward. Join us on this Epic ride.