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Back in Action and Pain Free

By Carrie Anna Strange

Donnie Mahoney knows firsthand how important the function and mobility of your knees are to complete common everyday tasks. The joint that connects the bones of the upper and lower leg is needed for any form of movement including walking, driving, climbing or lifting objects. For Donnie, however, chronic arthritis began to severely impact his ability to move freely.

“I was in chronic pain for years and tried both oral medications and knee injections,” Donnie recalls. Unable to find relief, he made an appointment with McLeod Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Rodney Alan, who specializes in total knee replacements and has been managing Donnie’s arthritis for nearly five years. “During my appointment, I finally committed to doing the surgery.”

Donnie’s first underwent traditional total knee replacement surgery in June 2022 for his left knee.

Then in October 2023, Donnie was part of history at his hometown hospital. McLeod Health Clarendon had invested in a robot to provide robotic-assisted knee replacement at Clarendon. Donnie was one of the first patients to undergo this procedure.

“For the first two weeks, a physical therapist from McLeod Home Health provided physically therapy treatments at my home,” recalled Donnie. “Once I became more mobile, I continued therapy at McLeod Rehabilitation Clarendon for eight weeks.”

“McLeod Health Clarendon remains committed to investing in the latest technology to provide cutting-edge medicine and deliver the highest standards of quality care to our community,” said Rachel Gainey, CEO of McLeod Health Clarendon.

“The robotic approach offers sophisticated technology that allows the surgeon to customize the knee replacement to the individual anatomy of the patient. As a result, patients experience more natural movement and function as they begin to return to normal activities,” explains Dr. Alan.

Six weeks after surgery, Donnie returned to work in the Engineering Department at McLeod Health Clarendon. Only when his knee no longer bothered him did Dannie realized how much arthritis had impacted his life.

“No one wants to go through surgery, but I tell people the sooner you do, the better because the pain will only get worse,” says Donnie. “Having the surgery allows you to move past the pain and enjoy life again.”

You may be a candidate for a knee replacement if you have the following symptoms: knee pain that keeps you awake at night, knee pain that sidelines you from activities, and knee pain that limits daily functions such as climbing stairs. If your conservative treatment of chronic knee pain is no longer working, then it may be time to consider a knee replacement. The first step is to have a medical exam with an orthopedic specialist.