You Inspire The Best in Us.

With the many advances in cancer treatment, today’s cancer patients have more and more reasons for hope. Portraits of Hope are the incredible stories of our patients and their journeys of hope and survival. Click on a thumbnail and scroll down to view each story.

  • Making Memories in the Sand
  • Committed to Caring for Others
  • Back on the Beat
  • Living Free of Pain
  • Local Volunteer Recounts Her Excellent McLeod Health Experience
  • Enjoying Benefits of Treatment Closer to Home
  • A Step in the Right Direction
  • Under One Roof
  • HOPE for a Fast Recovery
  • Many Key Players, One Common Goal
  • Cruising To Recovery
  • Betty Board
    Our orthopedic surgeon gave her sure footing to get back to life
  • Edwin Branch
    Back in Full Swing
  • Lorenzo McFadden
    Every Second Counts
  • David “Shawn” Graham
    Enjoying Life Again
  • Wanda Blue
    A Return to Active Living
  • Cathy Oakley
    Thumbs Up for a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Will Williams
    In Excellent Hands

Betty Board

Betty Board looks forward to her daily strolls through the neighborhood. After a serious ankle injury, she experienced severe pain and swelling that made it difficult to simply walk. Betty met with McLeod orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jason O’Dell, who determined that her entire ankle joint had deteriorated. To give Betty the best chance to maintain movement of the joint, eliminate pain, and preserve surrounding joints, Dr. O’Dell recommended a total ankle replacement. “I have never regretted going through with the surgery, and I am so glad that Dr. O’Dell was able to replace my ankle,” said Betty. Dr. O’Dell’s expertise and skill enabled Betty to get the total ankle replacement she needed and she’s back to walking with her loved ones.