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Matters of the Heart

By Jennifer Hulon

During a heart emergency, every second counts. The mission of McLeod Health is to improve the health and well-being of people living in the communities we serve. McLeod Health Seacoast made a promise to the community that critical heart care would be available.

McLeod Health Seacoast began an interventional cardiology program in May 2023. Interventional Cardiology means our cardiologists can immediately treat blocked arteries and restore blood flow. Prior to May 2023, the residents in

northern Horry County and southern Brunswick County had limited options of hospitals with the ability to care for a patient experiencing a heart attack. Depending on the location, the commute could take an hour, which is critical travel time.

With this care now available at McLeod Health Seacoast, patients no longer have to worry about receiving timely heart care.

Patrick Priore

A retired Police Chief from Pennsylvania, Patrick Priore was familiar with North Myrtle Beach from years of vacationing with his family. His in-laws lived in the area and upon retirement, decided to move south.

One afternoon, while working in the yard with his wife Jeanine, Patrick felt discomfort in his chest and nausea.

“I’ve had many health concerns over the years and experienced different levels of pain,” said Patrick. “This was unlike any other pain. It was an extreme pressure, pulling my shoulders down to my chest.”

These symptoms prompted a trip to the McLeod Health Seacoast Emergency Department. Patrick’s electrocardiogram

(EKG) test was normal; however, his bloodwork reflected concerning troponin levels. Troponins are proteins released into the bloodstream during a heart attack. Dr. Joseph Marmora, Interventional Cardiologist with McLeod Cardiology Associates, assessed Patrick’s test results and deemed it necessary to perform a cardiac catheterization. The procedure showed an 80% arterial blockage.

“Mr. Priore’s diagnosis proved he was in need of intervention to regain blood flow,” said Dr. Marmora.

Patrick would be the first patient to undergo a percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) at McLeod Health Seacoast. During the procedure, Dr. Marmora inserted a stent into the artery to restore blood flow. Immediately, Patrick felt the relief of chest discomfort. He then stayed overnight for observation and went home the next day.

“After my procedure, I regained more stamina, exercised more intensely, slept more soundly and readjusted my body and life,” said Patrick.

“Since moving to this area, I have visited McLeod Health Seacoast several times. At this critical and frightening moment, my wife and I knew we could go to the emergency department and get the help I needed. Their staff is

exceptional and always professional,” said Patrick.

Patrick now fills his time working in transportation logistics at North Myrtle Beach High School. He enjoys playing the piano, which offers him a way to unwind. When traveling, Patrick always enjoys playing a vacant piano in a mall, airport or venue.

Michael Roper

Originally from China Grove, North Carolina, Michael Roper was on vacation with his family for the Fourth of July holiday at his vacation home in Ocean Isle Beach. Michael frequently took walks around his home and on the beach as a daily form of exercise.

One morning, Michael headed out for a walk in his neighborhood. He began to feel lightheaded and experienced consistent belching and chest pain. Michael collapsed around the corner from his home. A passerby stopped to help him and called 911. EMS teams arrived and assessed his condition.

Michael was having a heart attack and immediately transported to the McLeod Health Seacoast Emergency Department.

Dr. Joseph Marmora was contacted prior to Michael’s arrival with details about his condition. Dr. Marmora prepared the cardiac catheterization room to expedite Michael’s treatment.

Upon Michael’s arrival, Dr. Marmora confirmed the EMS heart attack assessment with an EKG and bloodwork.

“Mr. Roper needed emergent intervention, as he was actively experiencing a heart attack,” said Dr. Marmora.

Dr. Marmora implanted a stent into Michael’s artery to reinstating blood flow. The next day, Dr. Marmora discussed with Michael another medical concern. Dr. Marmora identified an area of his heart which showed calcified lesions.

“Upon further testing, I determined Mr. Roper required extensive heart repair,” said Dr. Marmora. “I advised him to schedule an appointment with a cardiothoracic surgeon near his home within the next 2 weeks.”

Shortly after his heart attack, Michael underwent triple-bypass surgery.. His health is now restored, and he can walk around his neighborhood with more energy and stamina.

“My family and I cannot say enough kind words about our experience with McLeod Health Seacoast,” said Michael. “We have a large healthcare system in our hometown but quickly realized how the intimate hospital environment at McLeod Health Seacoast offered more comfort.”

“I am so very thankful to Dr. Marmora for not only addressing my urgent heart issue, but also diagnosing my other heart concern that required a lifesaving procedure. He saved me twice.”

Patrick and Michael share similar life experiences and thank McLeod Seacoast for saving their lives.