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Everyday Hero

By Carrie Anna Strange

Caring for his community

When Randy McKee, a Firefighter III and EMT with Clarendon County Fire Rescue, suffered a heart attack at age 62, one of his biggest fears was that he would be unable to return to work. After all, being a first responder requires him to be in peak physical shape.

While responding to an accident on Interstate 95, Randy and his partner transported a patient to the McLeod Health Clarendon Emergency Department. The staff noticed Randy’s unusual coloring and shortness of breath.

“I suspected that the shortness of breath and excessive sweating was due to the stress of the incident,” said Randy. “I initially brushed off the symptoms, but to be safe my battalion chief insisted that I undergo an evaluation. Roles quickly reversed and I found myself as a patient and not a healthcare provider.”

During Randy’s examination, Dr. William Sabina, McLeod Health Clarendon’s Emergency Department Medical Director, consulted with McLeod Hospitalist and Board Certified Cardiologist Dr. John Rozich. He ordered an EKG, ECHO and labs. The test results indicated that Randy had indeed experienced a myocardial infarction.

Randy was transported to McLeod Regional Medical Center in Florence, South Carolina. A heart catheterization performed by McLeod Cardiologist Dr. Nicolette Naso revealed three blocked vessels in Randy’s heart and heart valve. Randy would need open heart surgery to make these repairs.

Prior to Randy’s surgery, McLeod Cardiothoracic Surgeon Dr. Cary Huber met with him and his wife Jann.

“Dr. Huber answered all of our questions and reassured me that I would feel like a different person in a few short months,” recalled Randy.

In July 2021, Randy underwent triple bypass surgery and aortic valve replacement.

“My wife and I were impressed with everyone who cared for me, from the techs, nurses, doctors and all of the staff we encountered during my hospital stay,” said Randy.

Following the surgery, Randy spent a few days in the hospital before going to an inpatient rehabilitation facility. Upon discharge, Randy continued rehab with McLeod Cardiac Rehabilitation Clarendon. He completed 36 cardiac rehab sessions over 12 weeks.

“I wore a heart monitor during exercise, and at the end of my workouts staff would check my blood pressure, heart rate, and other markers to ensure all was well. They were constantly monitoring me,” added Randy.

“Initially, Randy walked slowly on a treadmill. In just a couple of weeks, he pushed to do more. He wanted to regain his strength and endurance to be able to return to work and serve his community in their time of need,” said Betty Dukes, RN, McLeod Health Clarendon Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse.

Six months after surgery, Randy returned to the frontlines, responding to calls from those in need of emergency assistance. In December 2021, Randy was inducted into the Clarendon County Fire Rescue Hall of Fame during their awards banquet.

“I am grateful to the entire care team at McLeod Health,” said Randy. “Because of them, I am living life to the fullest and have the opportunity to continue serving my community.”