Patient Family Partnership Program: Coming Together To Improve Patient Experience

“At the core of our daily work throughout McLeod Health is the mission of excellent service to our patients. It is always important that we listen, moving beyond our own biases as caregivers to hear the patient’s voice. Connecting with patients and their families nurtures that essential authentic relationship, particularly during some of the most difficult and vulnerable times of their life. It is vital that those we care for lend us their voice and provide us with valuable perspective and insight. The Patient Family Advisors are the foundational partnership that drives us towards true patient-centeredness as we respond to the communities who entrust us with their health.”

Dr. Dale Lusk, Corporate Chief Medical Officer, McLeod Health


  • What Does A Patient and Family Advisor Do?

    McLeod Health Patient and Family Advisors (PFA’s) are a diverse group of volunteers who represent all patient and family voices across the McLeod Health system. PFA’s volunteer their time to improve patient experience through partnerships with staff, leadership, and clinical professionals with the goal of creating a more patient-centered and compassionate healthcare environment. Patient and Family Advisors support the ongoing mission of McLeod to provide an excellent patient experience and the highest quality of care in a safe, responsive, and transparent healthcare environment.

  • Qualities of a Patient and Family Advisor.

    • Willingly and effectively share insights and information based on their experiences
    • Demonstrate a passion for improving health care for others
    • Listen well, respect the perspectives of others, and interact effectively with diverse groups of people
  • What do I need to become a McLeod Health Patient and Family Advisor?

    • Availability to participate as often as possible (typically 1-3 hours a month depending on participation type)
    • Internet access
    • Working email address that is checked regularly
    • Signed Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Ways McLeod Health PFA’s Engage and Partner to Give Feedback:

    • Surveys via email
    • Virtual 1-hour focus groups
    • Partner with staff on projects to improve quality of care (in-person and virtual options available)

    As a PFA, you’ll receive surveys sent to your email which can be completed at your convenience. Surveys typically take several minutes to complete, and your feedback will influence decision-making at McLeod Health.


    Our virtual focus groups are a quick and easy way to connect face-to-face with McLeod staff. It’s an opportunity to have a deeper discussion on a topic, project, or experience. Focus groups are virtual and are usually one hour each. PFA’s are alerted by email about upcoming focus groups and topics.

    PFA partnership is the ultimate way to work with McLeod staff and impact patient care and experience. McLeod work teams often request that a PFA join their teams to ensure their work is patient-centered. PFA partnership is the strongest connection to making sure McLeod Health is meeting patient needs and wants. PFA’s are alerted by email about upcoming partnership opportunities.