Voices of our Patient Family Advisors

“It’s so great to see how McLeod Health is keeping up with the population boom in this area and being on these focus groups with Shannon and her team, they are dedicated to making sure to consider different points of view when implementing these new initiatives. It’s very exciting and I feel that the time we dedicate and suggestions we share are greatly appreciated.” – Lisa V.

“I love being a PFA because it gives me a chance to provide input from a patient’s perspective into improving healthcare services. As PFAs, we cover a wide range of issues ranging from publications and signage to staff communication and the environment patients need as they heal…the whole nine yards. Focus groups, surveys, and discussions provide numerous opportunities for us to evaluate and make suggestions, and it’s gratifying to see improvements made as a result of our input.” – Dorr D.

“When I began my volunteering in the McLeod system, I wanted to be open to doing anything I could to support the medical staff as well as make things better for patients. I see being asked to provide input in the focus groups as another way to do that, and really appreciate the opportunity. What I didn’t expect is for it to be so enjoyable, as well as learn from the other participants, so thank you and I look forward to the next one I am asked to be a part of.” – Elaine P.

If you are interested in becoming a McLeod PFA, please email Sheri.Brockington@mcleodhealth.org.