Life Awaits You. Turn to McLeod Orthopedic & Spine Specialists.

Need a knee or hip joint replacement? Relief from back, hand or wrist problems? McLeod Orthopedic & Spine Specialists treat all these needs with a single goal: returning you to normal function as quickly and safely as possible. Services fall into four categories: joint care, spine care, sports medicine and rehabilitation services. We start with non-surgical treatments, moving to proven surgical solutions.

McLeod Regional Medical Center in Florence is a Blue Distinction Center for Knee & Hip Replacement and Spine Surgery.

McLeod Health offers Orthopedic & Spine Services in Florence, Seacoast, Cheraw, Clarendon, and Dillon.

  • Orthopedics Plays a Key Role in the Emergency Department

    McLeod Orthopedic & Spine Specialists play an important role in the Emergency Department, handling traumatic injuries from auto accidents, falls, fractures and more. The advanced training and expertise of our staff enables us to provide care for acute injuries and fractures 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Our carefully coordinated evaluation and treatment protocols are designed to provide leading edge care as promptly as possible.

  • McLeod Sports Medicine Restores Injured Athletes and Enhances Performance

    Today’s active population generates an increase in sports-related injuries. McLeod Sports Medicine physicians, therapists and athletic trainers embrace two goals:
    Guiding the injured athlete to regain normal function and teaching and training techniques to improve performance and minimize the risk of injury.


    The McLeod Sports Medicine program led by Patrick Denton, MD, works with amateur and professional athletes to repair and prevent injuries while improving performance. Learn more