McLeod Health Cheraw Has the 
Services You Need & Deserve

At McLeod Health Cheraw, patients receive direct access to specialized services, improved technology, an outstanding physician network and enhanced facilities. We have the services you need here and now. Our team consists of compassionate professionals dedicated to providing quality care and services to the communities we serve. For help with any of the services below, call us at (843) 537-7881.


  • Cardiology Services You Can Trust

    McLeod Cardiology Associates regularly sees patients in the Cheraw office located across the street from McLeod Health Cheraw. Dr. John Patton, McLeod Cardiologist works to help prevent, diagnose and treat heart disease in Chesterfield and Marlboro counties. Click here for contact information to make an appointment. As part of the McLeod Health system, McLeod Health Cheraw has convenient access to and support from these exceptional physicians through the McLeod Heart & Vascular Institute based out of Florence, SC.

  • McLeod Orthopaedics Cheraw Provides Expert Orthopedic Care.

    People in Chesterfield and surrounding counties can now undergo orthopedic diagnosis and surgery in Cheraw, thanks to the McLeod Orthopaedics Cheraw. Dr. Thomas DiStefano is trained in all orthopedic areas and holds an additional certification in Orthopedic Sports Medicine. “Orthopedic conditions can seriously affect a patient’s quality of life. I am committed to providing the treatment solution that offers the patient the best outcome,” says Dr. DiStefano, who also handles hand and upper extremity care. For an appointment, call (843) 537-0010.

    Find out more about orthopedic conditions and services available at McLeod Health.

  • Surgeons Undertake A Range of Surgeries

    At McLeod Heath Cheraw, our highly experienced surgeons and staff offer the latest in surgical procedures for both inpatients and outpatients.
    Surgeries offered for following conditions :

    • Abdominal and Gastrointestinal Issues
    • Hernias
    • Skin & Soft Tissue Cancers
    • Breast Tumors (Benign & Malignant)
    • Gallbladder
    • Reflux
    • Colon
    • Cancer
    • Diverticulitis
  • Our Staff Provides the Best Care to Your Loved Ones

    The McLeod Hospice team in Cheraw is a caring group of professionals devoted to giving your loved ones the best care as the only not-for-profit hospice in Chesterfield and Marlboro counties. Our team consists of two Medical Directors, Primary Care Nurses, a Social Worker, Home Health Aides, a Patient Care Coordinator and a Chaplain. For more information, please call (843) 320-5510. For more information on McLeod Hospice, click here.

  • Children’s/Pediatric Care

    McLeod Pediatrics Cheraw offers exceptional quality and compassionate care for children and families in the area. To schedule an appointment, call (843) 537-9360.  McLeod Health Cheraw offers pediatric services for children needing diagnostic testing and admission to the hospital. As part of the McLeod Health family, pediatric patients have access to the McLeod Children’s Hospital in Florence and its pediatric specialists are readily available to meet the needs of young patients.

  • High-Quality Emergency Care

    The McLeod Health Cheraw Emergency Department serves residents in Chesterfield, Marlboro, and surrounding counties in an efficient and flexible way. Our highly skilled physicians and staff provide the quality care you deserve.



    In an emergency when minutes matter most, trust your care to McLeod Health Cheraw.

    • 23 fully private exam rooms
    • Dedicated rooms for specialized treatment
    • Enhanced patient flow
    • Updated equipment and technology
    • Enhanced patient waiting area
  • Diagnostic Imaging For A Clearer Picture.

    At McLeod Health Cheraw, diagnostic imaging creates a graphic depiction of the structures and functions of the body’s organs and internal systems. Physicians use these images – many in color, 3-D or motion — to examine and diagnose certain medical conditions. Imaging offered includes:

    • 3D Mammography – A breast X-ray, captured with the detail only possible with high resolution digital images. Schedule your 3D Mammogram at any of the McLeod Health locations above by clicking here or calling (843) 777-2095 and choose option 1.
    • MRI – Magnetic Resonance Imaging provides the clearest, most precise image inside your body.
    • Ultrasound – high-frequency sound waves used to evaluate organs and fetal development.
    • CT Scan – combines X-ray views at different angles and, using a computer, creates cross-sectional image.
    • Nuclear Medicine – Uses small amounts of radioactive materials to perform heart studies and diagnose bone cancer, infections and stress fractures.
    • Radiography and Fluoroscopy – help doctors diagnose conditions in the chest, spine, bones, digestive tract, uterus and bladder.
  • 3D Mammography at
    McLeod Health

    McLeod Health offers 3D Mammography at its Florence, Cheraw, Clarendon, Dillon, Loris and Seacoast locations. Revolutionizing how breast cancer is detected, 3D Mammography not only produces standard 2D views, but it also allows doctors to examine the breast tissue layer by layer. This advanced technology offers our patients greater accuracy, earlier detection, and up to 40 percent fewer recalls for additional testing. Schedule your 3D Mammogram at any of the McLeod Health locations above by clicking here or calling (843) 777-2095 and choose option 1. We also have a Mobile Mammography unit, click here to view our schedule

  • McLeod Health Cheraw Cardiac Care Helps Spot a Problem, Enhance Recovery

    Cardiac Care at McLeod Health Cheraw focuses on the functions and disorders of the heart and its connected circulatory system. Cardiovascular disease can lead to heart attacks, strokes or other serious complications. Our services include stress testing for people, who may have a heart problem, and Cardiac Rehabilitation, for recovering patients.

  • An older man in a black hat sitting at a machine while a McLeod Rehabilitation Specialist explains what he needs to do

    Rehabilitation Speeds Recovery & Improvement

    McLeod Rehabilitation Specialists work with patients to restore independence and improve overall wellness. For a one-time problem or a long-term condition, we customize a treatment plan uniquely designed to each person’s needs. From children struggling to meet developmental milestones, and genetic conditions to mature adults with neurological conditions, and orthopedic issues, McLeod Health Cheraw offers a variety of rehabilitation programs.

  • High Quality Respiratory Therapy Available at McLeod Health Cheraw

    The Respiratory Therapy Services Department of McLeod Health Cheraw provides patients with the highest-quality techniques and equipment available. Our clinicians and respiratory therapists provide a wide array of medical services.

    • Complete Pulmonary Function Tests
    • Regular & Nuclear Stress Testing
    • 24 Hour Holter Monitor
    • Six Minute Walk Test
    • Outpatient Arterial Blood Gas (ABG)
    • Outpatient Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Primary Care Physicians Deliver Continuing Care for You & Your Family

    At McLeod Health Cheraw, primary care practices provide exceptional service and quality care for your family. We believe that establishing lasting, caring relationships with our patients and their families helps you make the right health care decisions. Click here for a list of local primary care physicians.

  • Nurse-Family Partnership Empowers First-Time, Low-Income Mothers

    This is a special program of nurse home visits that improves pregnancy outcomes, as well as child health and development. Results are impressive. Some 90% of babies born were born full term and 89% were at a healthy weight. Learn More.

  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation Makes Lives Better

    Pulmonary Rehabilitation is a medically prescribed program focusing on improving a patient’s overall quality of life through improved breathing techniques and fitness. The program includes education on nutrition and how it affects COPD, respiratory medications, exercise and stress management.

    For further details about our pulmonary rehabilitation program, call (843) 320-3378.