Physical Therapy Targets Conditions That Limit the Ability to Move.

After injury or illness, physical therapy helps patients regain strength, move with less pain and increase range of motion. Our experienced health care professionals offer a variety of options, including manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercise, water therapy and patient education.

Take a look at common conditions treated by Physical Therapy.

Physical Therapy Services are available at:
McLeod Regional Medical Center, McLeod Health Cheraw, McLeod Health Clarendon, McLeod Health Darlington, McLeod Health Dillon, McLeod Health Loris, McLeod Health Seacoast, and McLeod Medical Park Hartsville.

  • Physical Therapy Treats Many Conditions From Back Pain and Arthritis to Sports Injuries

    Common conditions treated by Physical Therapy include:

    • Amputee Rehabilitation, Prosthetic Training
    • Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, Bursitis and Tendonitis
    • Back and Neck Pain, Bone Fracture
    • Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury
    • Joint and Muscle, Joint Replacement
    • Multi-Trauma Rehabilitation, Neurological Conditions
    • Sports-related Injuries
    • Vertigo, Dizziness, & Balance Disorders
  • Aquatic Therapy in Florence Offers an Ideal Medium

    Aquatic Physical Therapy uses the physical properties of water to assist healing and exercise performance for a variety of different conditions. After a physical therapy evaluation determines if aquatic therapy is appropriate, we create a tailored program and maintain communication with the referring physician. Aquatic Therapy services are available at the McLeod Outpatient Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Facility.