All The Services You Need – Here and Now.

At McLeod Health Clarendon, patients receive direct access to specialized services, improved technology, an outstanding physician network and enhanced facilities. We have the services you need here and now. Our team consists of compassionate professionals dedicated to providing quality care and services to the communities we serve.

  • High-Quality Emergency Care. Faster.

    In an emergency when minutes matter most, choose McLeod Health Clarendon ER. Our highly-skilled physicians and staff provide the quality care you deserve. And our efficient intake and assessment processes mean significantly shorter wait times for our patients. Trust your emergency care to McLeod Health Clarendon.

  • Our Heart and Cardiac Services Protect the Pulse of the Community

    Cardiac Care at McLeod Health Clarendon focuses on heart functions and disorders, as well as the circulatory system connected to the heart.

    Services Include:

    • Studies: Vascular studies (Venous & Arterial), Carotid Artery
    • EKGs, Echocardiograms, Event Monitors, Holter Monitors
    • Clinics: Coumadin, Lipid, Pacemaker/defibrillator
    • Stress Echocardiograms, Nuclear Stress Testing, Transesophageal Echocardiograms
    • Cardioversions, Inpatient Consultations
  • Convenient Surgery in a Safe Environment

    A recent multi-million dollar renovation includes a convenient patient drop-off, a new admissions department and a more comfortable family waiting room. We perform many procedures on an outpatient basis, increasing convenience for our patients and their families. In support of quality care, our operating rooms reflect designs for efficiency and patient safety.

  • McLeod Orthopaedics Clarendon Offers High-Quality Orthopedic Care To Our Community

    Bryan L. Christensen, MD with McLeod Orthopaedics Clarendon provides easy access to comprehensive orthopedic care to patients in Clarendon County, Sumter and surrounding areas. Dr. Christensen is a highly-skilled surgeon with expertise in the latest surgical and non-surgical procedures for joint and bone disorders in adults and children. He specializes in Joint Replacement, Knee & Shoulder Arthroscopy, Fracture Care, Sports Medicine, Carpal Tunnel, Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery, and Ligament Reconstruction.

  • Women’s Health Program

    The Women’s Health program at McLeod Health Clarendon is dedicated to providing preventive, diagnostic and clinical services that support the health and wellness of women of all ages. We offer prenatal care, pregnancy, childbirth services, and pelvic health.

    Other women’s services include Gynecologic care for all stages of life including later-life problems, such as incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse and other pelvic health conditions. Visit McLeod Women’s Care Clarendon for appointment.

  • A Caring Labor & Delivery Experience

    McLeod Health Clarendon has a maternity center offering labor, delivery, recovery, postpartum and nursery services in a spacious, home-like setting with five birthing suites. We offer:

    • Spacious Labor & Delivery Suites
    • Portable fetal monitoring allows you to walk around while in labor
    • Family-Centered Care where baby rooms in with you
    • Midwifery
    • Lactation Services with Lactation Consultant
    • Maternity Education E-Books
    • Download Pregnancy App
    • Infant Security System
    • Centering Program for group prenatal care, childbirth classes and lactation information
    • Promote Skin to Skin after delivery
    • Parent Education – Click here for parenting tips

    If you need an OB/GYN Physician, visit McLeod Women’s Care Clarendon.

  • Centering, A New Approach

    Centering Pregnancy®, is a new approach to prenatal visits where 8 to 12 women with similar due dates meet for 2-hour sessions throughout their pregnancy. Key components of Centering include health assessment, interactive learning and community building. For more information, call McLeod Women’s Care Clarendon at (803) 433-0797 or visit website.


    Each Centering session generally includes:

    • Weight and blood pressure self-monitoring.
    • Prenatal checkup with a provider.
    • Meeting in a circle with time to talk with the other women.
    • A variety of topics are including:
      • Nutrition and other healthy lifestyle choices.
      • Changes in your body during pregnancy.
      • Mental relaxation techniques.
      • Breathing, medications for labor and birth.
      • Breastfeeding.
      • The newborn’s first days.
      • Physical and emotional adjustments after the delivery.
  • Midwives – Another Birthing Option

    Midwives – specialists in normal pregnancy and birth – look after a pregnant woman and her baby during labor, birth and for up to 28 days after the baby’s birth. We have one of the few midwifery programs in the region, offering two board-certified midwives. Call (803) 433-0797 or visit McLeod Women’s Care Clarendon website for more details.

  • Childbirth Prep Classes & Birthing Center Tour

    To make your birth experience as positive as possible, we offer:

    • Birthing Center Tours to see the center, ask nurses questions, learn about breastfeeding help.
    • Classes on labor & delivery, breastfeeding, and caring for baby.

    To sign up for a tour or childbirth class, call (803) 433-0797.

  • Protect a Baby with These Safe Sleep ABCs

    When putting an infant to sleep, make sure they are:

    Alone. Not with you in bed or in a chair.
    On their Back. Always place your baby on their back when sleeping.
    In a Crib. Not in a car seat or on the couch. Remove all loose bedding, blankets, bumper pads, and stuffed animals.

  • Home Health Services

    McLeod Health Clarendon offers nationally accredited home health services to residents of Clarendon and Sumter counties. Home health allows patients to receive necessary health care services in the comfort and familiar surroundings of home. Services require a physician’s referral is required. Call (803) 435-4494 for more information.

  • Diagnostic Imaging For A Clearer Picture

    At McLeod Health Clarendon, diagnostic imaging creates a graphic depiction of the structures and functions of the body’s organs and internal systems. Physicians use these images – many in color, 3-D or motion — to examine and diagnose certain medical conditions. Call (843) 777-2095 and choose option 1 to set up an appointment.

    • Digital Mammography – A breast X-ray, captured with the detail only possible with high resolution digital images. Schedule your mammogram by calling McLeod Reservations and Scheduling (843) 777-2095 and choose option 1.
    • MRI – Magnetic Resonance Imaging provides the clearest, most precise image inside your body.
    • Ultrasound – high-frequency sound waves used to evaluate organs and fetal development.
    • CT Scan – combines X-ray views at different angles and, using a computer, creates cross-sectional image.
    • Nuclear Medicine – Uses small amounts of radioactive materials to perform heart studies and diagnose bone cancer, infections and stress fractures.
    • Radiography and Fluoroscopy – help doctors diagnose conditions in the chest, spine, bones, digestive tract, uterus and bladder.
  • Help With Sleep Disorders

    Sleep disorders come in more than 80 forms, including sleep apnea, insomnia and restless legs syndrome. These conditions can significantly hurt your sleep, safety and quality of life. At McLeod Health Clarendon Sleep Lab, a team of medical professionals evaluates your symptoms through a sleep study and find ways to help you get a better night’s rest.

  • Community Paramedic Program

    The goal of the community paramedic program is to help those individuals who have a chronic illness to better manage that illness in an effort to improve his/her quality of life.

    Patients with conditions related to a chronic illness or other conditions that my result in high utilization of the emergency department, may be referred to this program by a Physician, or the patient themselves may request admission to the program.


    After the referral is submitted a Community Paramedic will visit your home within 72 hours to evaluate your needs and set up a care plan designed to help you manage your condition. Regular home visits will continue for a period of 30 to 90 days to ensure the patient understands their discharge plan and how to properly manage his/her chronic condition. In addition, patients will be connected with a primary care physician if they do not have one or other resources they may require to adequately assist them with managing their illness. Candidates of the program will have the opportunity to contact their Community Paramedic before utilizing 911. For more information, please call, McLeod Health Clarendon Community Paramedic Program at (803) 435-3100 Ext.3434.