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Vipul Shah, M.D.

You are an honored member of our McLeod Foundation family. Generous gifts like yours help provide the compassionate care our McLeod Hospice patients and their families depend upon.

As the Medical Director for McLeod Hospice, I lead a team that constantly focuses on quality care for our patients and support for their families. As a donor, you will be a part of our team.

Our annual “A Light for Someone You Love” Tree Lighting marks the time our family of supporters renew their encouragement for this crucial work by making their personal gift.

Your gift to “light a light” not only helps patients and families facing end-of-life struggles, but also can memorialize or honor someone special to you.

Each day we serve families who face one of life’s most difficult moments. I often have the honor of witnessing a bravery that only someone who has accepted the reality of their life-limiting terminal illness can demonstrate.

Hospice care is about helping patients redefine their hopes. Where they may have once hoped for a cure, their new hope becomes very personal and varies for each patient. It may be to remain pain-free, see a relative one last time, or take a trip to the beach.

One special patient touched my heart, and I still remember his unique brand of courage. He was an ex-Marine who had traveled the world. With firm determination, the encouragement of his wife and son and support and guidance from his Hospice team, he continued to pursue his passion for new experiences until the last months of his life.

For us – and for him – this was a victory.

Our mission, which is supported by donor gifts, is to ensure the most dignified and meaningful quality of life for our patients and their families. Whether the needs are medical, emotional or spiritual, our McLeod Hospice teams are committed to this individualized care.

Thank you for considering joining us in this work.

I ask you to remember those special to you and make your gift to continue the mission of caring.  Together we will light the night at our 34th Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony while honoring brave and victorious hospice journeys.

In gratitude for you,


Dr. Vipul Shah
Medical Director, McLeod Hospice and Palliative Care

P.S. Please send your gift today to help McLeod Hospice families while remembering your loved ones when we light the night on December 5.