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Caregivers’ Compassionate Experience Leads to Supporting Others

How The Scott Family Makes an Impact Through the Butterfly Fund

Caregiving is one of life’s highest callings. This is especially true when caring for a loved one through their end-of-life journey.

Denise and Steven Scott have long demonstrated their love through caregiving. When Steven’s mother battled cancer, Denise and Steven, while living out of state, maintained contact with siblings and relatives in regards to her hospice care.

Near the end, McLeod Hospice came to the home to help her transition peacefully. Years later, the family gathered at the McLeod Hospice House to surround Steven’s aunt with care in her final days.

Denise recalled arriving at the Hospice House with her young son to visit Steven’s aunt. The volunteer receptionist offered to help with her baby.

“It is very rare you meet people who care that much and show that level of compassion,” Denise explained. 

The Scotts generously support various programs through the McLeod Health Foundation, including McLeod Hospice. Upon learning about the Butterfly Fund, they reflected on their personal experiences and knew they wanted to help.

“I cannot imagine having to go through such trying circumstances with no support or help,” Denise shared. 

“We know how challenging it is caring for a loved one. When we heard about the Butterfly Fund, we knew we had to help provide this resource for patients and their families.”

The Butterfly Fund was established to assist McLeod Hospice and Palliative Care patients experiencing a wide range of immediate needs. These include nutritional supplements, necessary equipment, oxygen, and other individualized needs.

“God has blessed us with the ability to help,” Steven explained. “We want to be a family that steps up so that others don’t have to worry about financial obstacles during their care.” 

Denise also serves on the Butterfly Fund Committee to help ensure donations are used when and where they are needed most.

“The McLeod Foundation’s Butterfly Fund strives to remove any barriers a patient may face so that they can have peace and comfort during their care,” Denise said. “That is something well worth supporting.”