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A Letter from Beth Ann Owen

Butterfly Fund Advisory Committee Chair

I hope you, like me, have welcomed our glorious and hopeful spring.

While spending time enjoying this season of renewal, my husband, Marvin and I were reminded of an unusual experience we had last fall.

We were visiting the South Carolina coast when a gorgeous mass of color passed by.  It took a moment to realize we were seeing thousands of butterflies flying from the north towards a warmer climate. As we marveled at the two-day long spectacle, we realized that each individual butterfly flying together made up this glorious swath of color.

Our realization brought to mind the many donors like you who have given personally meaningful gifts to help McLeod Hospice and Palliative Care patients during their times of crisis. Yes, many donors coming together like the butterflies.

Last spring, we shared the news of the establishment of the Butterfly Fund with our McLeod Foundation supporters. We were inspired that even during the frightening COVID-19 pandemic, donors like you recognized the need and gave generously to help our patients.

Butterfly Fund donors have come to the rescue with situations such as missed rent payments, turning the power back on, life-sustaining nutritional supplements, and supplies crucially needed during major healthcare and end-of-life struggles.

Thank you.

And, we need you again this year.  Our teams see many who are forced to make nearly impossible financial choices. Won’t you please help us again with your annual gift to the Butterfly Fund?

The McLeod Hospice and Palliative Care teams judiciously use your gifts to provide immediate vital help for patients facing financial hardship.  Our compassionate professionals take critical care to the patients in their homes and see startling situations that impede care, comfort, and dignity.

Through your support, you are there with these caregivers when they tell the patients help is available through the Butterfly Fund. The staff all wish you could see the relief and gratitude expressed when patients learn this news.

I want you to experience one such patient’s relief and gratitude as I share with you his story.

This 30-year-old young man is fighting for his life with a rare stage 4 cancer. He bravely served our country in the military but has returned home so his parents can take care of him. His pain medications often cause his oxygen levels to drop. He told Aimee Martin, a McLeod Nurse Practitioner, that he was afraid to go to sleep for fear that his oxygen would drop, and he would never wake up. He shared that he sometimes chooses the pain so he will know he is still here.

Because of you, Aimee had an immediate solution to help ease his fears of taking his pain medication. She provided him with a simple $30 Pulse Oximeter so that his mother could assist with checking his oxygen levels.  His relief and gratitude were unmistakable.

As you can see from this story, like the majestic colors of the butterfly migration, each gift is vitally important. Please send your donation to the Butterfly Fund--whatever the size--to give our patients inspiration and hope. It will be put to work immediately to change lives in large and small ways.

With gratitude,

Beth Ann Owen
Butterfly Fund Advisory Committee Chair

P.S. We are counting on you so please send your gift today or click here to make your gift on-line today.