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  • Vipul Shah, M.D.
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Your Desire to Help Others

A Gift Provides Warm Comfort From a Generous Donor

You and your family may have had personal experiences with healthcare. During times of difficulty, compassionate help by staff and friends are essential and greatly appreciated.

Often, these experiences inspire you with the desire to help others. Many of you have made generous gifts to the McLeod Health Foundation as a trusted way to provide compassionate assistance to other families.

This was the case for Daphne Heffler.

Since 1975, Daphne, a registered nurse, has been a fixture at McLeod Regional Medical Center through her many years of service caring for others.

Daphne first started as an intern at McLeod in the Cardiac Care Unit working her way up to Associate Vice President before she retired in 2012.

This past Fall, her late husband Dr. Joel Heffler was hospitalized with various health issues. After battling his illness for many weeks, he was transferred to McLeod Hospice House to receive this special level of care.

During his stay, Joel was continuously cold and would always ask for a warm, soft blanket. Daphne realized how much a blanket warmer would benefit patients at the Hospice House.

Years ago, a physician once told Daphne, “You see what you look for and you recognize what you know,” and that quote has stayed with her through the years. During their stay at the Hospice House, Daphne recognized a need and wanted to find a way to help provide comfort for other patients.

After Joel passed away in November, Daphne contacted the McLeod Foundation to express her wishes to provide a warm blanket for other patients. Through Daphne’s generous donation, the McLeod Hospice House was able to purchase a blanket warmer and soft blankets for patients and families to use during their stay.

“This is such a simple gesture, but I am glad to know this comfort will be there for future families,” explains Daphne.

Like many donors, loving care and identifying a need inspired Daphne’s generous gift. We are grateful for each of you.