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Butterfly Fund

I am writing to you, one of our dedicated donors, to let you know how much donors to the McLeod Hospice and Palliative Care Butterfly Fund have helped patients and families in the past year. And, to share that we urgently need your help this year.

Because of Butterfly Fund supporters, our teams have been able to assist with immediate critical needs for patients experiencing financial hardship.

It is apparent by your giving that you want to help others and may understand and feel the vulnerability of patients and their families dealing with chronic illness and end-of-life struggles.

Our compassionate staff members never know what they will find when they visit their patients in the home. Your gifts will allow them to confidently tell patients and families that there is help for them. You can give them the gift of hopefulness.

Through your generous and caring support of the Butterfly Fund, you will be with our professional teams as they see:

  • Unsafe living conditions where the most helpless patients have their utilities cut off.
  • Senior caregivers who struggle with their own healthcare needs while trying to care for their loved one.
  • The horrific situations of unsanitary bug infestations that make everyday living intolerable.
  • Patients with limited financial means who must choose between critical medicines and supplies or paying the rent.


I know you can feel their anxiety and helplessness. I know, too, that you understand the urgent need to provide your gift to help them courageously continue.

As you are considering your support, I would like to share with you a story of one couple who are so blessed by donors like you.

Fred and Beatrice are an elderly couple who have been married for 65 years. Beatrice is now bedbound with dementia. Fred’s own serious health issues were compromised as he was unable to sleep for worrying about his dear Beatrice. Through gifts to the Butterfly Fund, our team was able to provide and set up a video monitor.   Fred now sleeps peacefully in his own bed, knowing he can check on her via the monitor throughout the night. Because of donors like you, we also provide a sitter for 8 hours a month. They stay with Beatrice so Fred can go to his own medical appointments.  The sitter also does light housekeeping, cooking, and laundry for them while she is at their home.

You may be able to identify with this sweet couple or know of someone who faces similar challenges. I am confident you can see the dramatic impact gifts to the Butterfly Fund have on their lives.

Your support is critically needed now for patients like Fred and Beatrice.  Our teams see many who are forced to make nearly impossible financial choices. Won’t you please help us with your gift to the Butterfly Fund?

The McLeod Hospice and Palliative Care teams judiciously use your gifts to provide immediate vital help for patients facing financial hardship.  Our compassionate professionals wish you could experience the relief and gratitude when patients and families learn that you are there to help.

Thank you for reading this letter. Thank you for caring.  Thank you for giving hope through your generous donation.

With gratitude,

Beth Ann Owen
Butterfly Fund Advisory Committee Chair

P.S. We are counting on you so please send your gift today or make your gift on-line.