The Guest House at McLeod

The Guest House at McLeod provides families with comfortable accommodations in a warm home environment, while their loved ones are receiving treatment at McLeod Regional Medical Center. The Guest House at McLeod is located directly across the street from the medical center.

The facility and the services available at the McLeod Guest House are made possible entirely through charitable gifts to the McLeod Health Foundation. The only facility of its kind in the region, The Guest House at McLeod has 17 private bedrooms, a living room, den, library, meditation garden and fully-equipped kitchen.

We need you.

You can sponsor a family’s stay for $200, which can be made in easy monthly installments of $16.67. However, all gifts are greatly needed and appreciated.

  • A Place to Lay Your Head

    Guest House Experience Leads to Two Decades of Support

    Imagine a loved one — your spouse, your parent — requiring immediate life-saving hospital care. Consumed with fear and confusion, you want to be by their side. Now, picture living an hour away – not knowing what will happen to your loved one, or where you will sleep that night.


    When Elisabeth McNiel’s mother-in-law, Jane, suffered a heart attack in 1995 and was admitted to McLeod Regional Medical Center, the entire family knew they needed to be with her. But with half the family living in Bennettsville and the other half in Dillon County, the family worried where they would stay.

    A patient representative recommended The Guest House at McLeod, a home away from home for patient families, which had opened earlier that year.

    “We enjoyed the ease, comfort, and security of the Guest House,” Elisabeth said. “The staff treated us like family. The compassion that McLeod is known for truly extends across the street to the Guest House.”

    Little did the Guest House staff know, the kindness they showed the McNiels would lead to two decades of generous support. You see, Elisabeth is the Chairman of The Kinney Foundation, a charitable organization that supports many organizations benefitting Marlboro County residents.

    “Funding the medical needs of our community is important to us,” said Elisabeth.

    For the past 20 years, The Kinney Foundation has made gifts to the McLeod Health Foundation to cover the cost of Marlboro County residents unable to afford a stay at The Guest House at McLeod.

    “Since most individuals with major medical issues receive care at McLeod Regional Medical Center, we want their families to have a place to stay,” Elisabeth said.

    “Being close by your loved one helps with the healing process. Families in that position have enough to worry about without having to worry about where they will lay their head,” added Elisabeth.

  • Guest House Stories

    View stories about how your gifts are helping patients and their families at the Guest House at McLeod.