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Become a Miracle Maker

As a Miracle Maker, you join a special group of monthly donors in telling patients you will stand by them every day.

Monthly giving is our easiest and most convenient way to give. By setting up your monthly gift today, you are directly supporting the life-saving work at McLeod Children’s Hospital. And if your situation changes for any reason, you can always change or cancel your gift online or with a simple phone call.

What does a child miss most at the hospital? Being a kid. Celebrating small milestones, hugging their pets and playing with friends. These moments comfort a child and keep their spirits up. Happiness promotes healing. Your gift to the Miracle Maker Club brings childhood into their lives with play, celebrations, and furry friends.

Questions? Contact Davis Sawyer at dsawyer@mcleodhealth.org or by phone at (843) 777-2694.

  • Every Donation Counts

    Click here to see an infographic that demonstrates how your donation makes a difference.

  • Lifting Up Others

    How a McLeod Volunteer Gives Back

    From volunteering at events, to serving in community organizations and funding programs out of her own pocket, Lauren Vause has always given back to those in need.

    “It’s important to give back so you don’t take what you have for granted,” Lauren explained. “Everyone deserves an opportunity to be lifted up.”


    Lauren knows this because she once needed to be lifted up herself.

    You see, Lauren was a premature baby and spent 60 days in a neonatal intensive care unit. Knowing how important it is to have excellent children’s healthcare close to home, Lauren regularly volunteers at McLeod Children’s Hospital events, most notably the Children’s Hospital Radiothon, where she is happy to answer the phones or do whatever else is required.

    Never wanting to take things for granted, Lauren soon went beyond volunteering. “Hearing the amazing stories live from the DJs, staff, and families at the Radiothon moved me deeply,” she explained.

    “I knew I wanted to do more.” That is when Lauren learned about monthly giving. She chose to become a monthly donor because “giving one time is a gift, but giving monthly is special.”

    Soon, Lauren found herself supporting McLeod Hospice through the Hospice Tree Lighting, honoring her husband’s aunt and the memory of his late uncle.

    “You never know when you will need the wonderful services offered at McLeod Health,” said Lauren. “There are so many areas McLeod supports and several have touched loved ones in my family.”

    Despite having helped in such a variety of ways, Lauren continues to expand her philanthropy. She recently joined the Circle of Excellence, a new McLeod Health Foundation Young Giving Society.

    “The Circle of Excellence is a wonderful way to get more intimately involved while building new relationships,” Lauren explained. “It’s so exciting to join from the beginning because I can help build the program and get other young people involved.”

  • Miracle Maker Club Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What is the Monthly Giving Miracle Maker Club?

    A. It is an easy, convenient, cost effective way to donate to McLeod Children’s Hospital and make an impact on the lives of the many children we care for.



    Q. How do I join the Miracle Maker Club?

    A. You simply click here to our secure giving page and enter the amount you want to give monthly and credit card information and then we does the rest. Your donation will be automatically charged to your credit card every month without you needing to do anything. The same amount will be deducted on the same day of every month until you tell us you would like to increase, decrease or stop your donation.

    Q. Is my gift safe and confidential?

    A. Absolutely. Perhaps even safer than regular mail, because your name, address and giving information are kept strictly confidential and secure. You are always in control of your giving decisions.

    Q. How do I change my monthly gift?

    A. It’s easy. You can change your amount by calling Davis Sawyer at (843) 777-2138 or send an email to dsawyer@mcleodhealth.org or by writing to the McLeod Foundation. We will be happy to promptly make any changes you request. Please note that it might take a few days to take effect.

    Q. How will I keep records of my monthly gifts?

    A. Your monthly credit card or bank statement will show the precise amount and date of your gift transfer to McLeod Children’s Hospital. You will receive one tax receipt per year of your total annual giving for your records from the McLeod Foundation.

    Q. Why should I give monthly?

    A. It is easy and convenient. You will not need to write a check every time you make a donation. It enables you to make a larger donation by spreading the payments out rather than one lump sum. Because we hope you’re part of the McLeod Children’s Hospital family for a long time, we don’t set an end-date for your Miracle Maker giving.  You’re in complete control. If you need to make changes, please let us know.

    Thank you for joining the Miracle Maker Club!
    Your continued support will help make a difference in the lives of children treated at McLeod Children’s Hospital.