Here are Some Other Ways
You Can Give.

The McLeod Foundation wants to give you every opportunity to donate in way that makes the most sense for you.  Below are some additional giving opportunities that might suit you.

  • Dr. Fred Kranin and his wife, Mary, work with the McLeod Foundation to ensure patients can enroll in McLeod Health's Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

    Your Gifts Offer Healthy Recovery for Heart Patients

    The Krainins Establish An Endowment to Provide Cardiac Rehabilitation Scholarships.

    As Dr. Fred Krainin will tell you, Cardiac Rehabilitation is crucial for patients with heart disease.


    A McLeod Cardiologist for more than two decades, Dr. Krainin has seen countless numbers of his patients go on to lead healthy lives thanks to Cardiac Rehabilitation, a cardiovascular wellness program that includes exercise, nutrition counseling, and lifestyle coaching.

    Patients facing financial challenges could not have benefitted from this specialized care without the scholarships that donors like you funded.

    “Cardiac Rehabilitation patients receive care from a team of nurses, dieticians, and therapists. They recover significantly better than patients who cannot participate in the program,” Dr. Krainin explained.

    It has become a passion of Dr. Krainin — and his wife, Mary — to see that every patient who needs Cardiac Rehabilitation is able to participate. This year, the two made a gift to the McLeod Foundation to establish the Dr. Fred and Mary Krainin Cardiac Rehabilitation Endowed Fund.

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