McLeod Hospice

Your gifts in support of McLeod Hospice, one of the only not-for-profit hospice services in the region, ensures that the very best hospice care is available to patients and families when they need it most. Charitable funding provides a full range of hospice services to all who need them regardless of their ability to pay.

The Butterfly Fund was established to meet the many personal needs of our Hospice and Palliative Care patients. Support for this fund is immediately available to meet individual needs of patients.

  • Simple Items Give Essential Relief and Comfort

    Your Generosity Touches Families Everyday Through the Butterfly Cart. Sometimes, small items can have a huge impact when and where it is needed most. Families with loved ones at the McLeod Hospice House often arrive with only the items in their purses or pockets. They may have received an urgent call and hurriedly traveled to be with family, focusing solely on getting to their loved one as quickly as possible.


    Your gifts to the Butterfly Fund generously funded the Butterfly Cart, a hospitality cart that provides patients and caregivers free items to help make their time at the Hospice House more comfortable.

    Volunteers wheel the Butterfly Cart throughout the Hospice House, delivering refreshments — like candy bars, potato chips, and beverages — and personal care items families may have left at home, such as toiletries or reading glasses.

    For caregivers who are reluctant to leave their loved one even for a moment, this cheerful cart and the friendly face of the volunteer guiding it is a welcomed sight.

    “Your gifts allow us to meet the patients and their caregivers wherever they are,” said Deby Strickland, McLeod Hospice House Volunteer. “Donors to the McLeod Health Foundation should know how much respite and comfort this cart brings to everyone. When I make my rounds with the cart, the number one question is, ‘How much do the items cost?’ Thanks to caring donors of the McLeod Foundation, I can smile and warmly say, ‘it costs nothing.’”

    Whether providing a toothbrush for a family member who just completed a frantic 300-mile journey, offering a patient comfort with their favorite childhood candy, or bringing joy with a fun activity, the Butterfly Cart impacts patients and caregivers in unimaginable ways.

    By funding the Butterfly Cart, you are bringing untold comfort to families every day. Your compassion and generosity truly help hospice families enjoy their precious moments together.

    Thanks to donors like you, the Butterfly Fund provides funding to meet critical, immediate needs for McLeod Hospice and Palliative Care patients who struggle financially during their time of care.

    You can assist the Butterfly Fund with your gift of support or time.

    As a Hospice volunteer, individuals can choose to work directly with patients and families or help in a hundred other ways – making a difference in someone’s life. To get more information or to volunteer, please call 843-777-2694.

    Image shown: McLeod Hospice Volunteer Deby Strickland provides Hospice House patient Tommy Thompson peace and comfort using the robotic cat that is part of the Butterfly Cart.

  • Cheraw Angels Focus on Compassionate Care

    Service and Gifts Dedicated for End-of-Life Patients and Families

    McLeod Health Foundation supporters, like you, lovingly offer gifts to provide for patients and their families through all stages of life.


    One dedicated couple, special angels from Cheraw, focus their gifts and time to help patients receiving end-of-life care.

    Serving their beloved Cheraw community has always been a major life purpose for Pat and M.B. Godbold. For 50 years, M.B. has helped others plan for their families’ security by guiding them through important life insurance decisions. Now, he ministers as a McLeod Hospice Volunteer in Cheraw. Pat, a retired librarian at Cheraw High School, devotedly coordinates the bereavement committee at the First Baptist Church of Cheraw, which provides meals for local families who have lost loved ones.

    In 2017, in light of his longstanding commitment to the community, M.B. was asked to represent Chesterfield and Marlboro Counties on the McLeod Hospice Advisory Board.

    As the McLeod Hospice program in Cheraw grew, hospital leadership recognized the need for a dedicated hospital room
    for hospice patients and their families. A patient’s environment is crucial to maintaining comfort and peace of mind during a terminal illness.

    The McLeod Foundation asked M.B. to steer fundraising efforts to renovate a patient room dedicated to hospice care.

    “After Pat and I visited the McLeod Hospice House in Florence, we fully appreciated the importance of the room environment,” M.B. explained.

    “We witnessed the compassionate care provided in this setting as hospice professionals ministered to both the patient and family during end of life.”

    Inspired by this visit, M.B. and Pat wanted to do more than simply help raise funds… they decided to personally fund the room renovations at McLeod Health Cheraw. The Godbold’s generous commitment was fulfilled through a tax-wise IRA Rollover and an appreciated stock gift.

    “McLeod Health Cheraw now has a patient room with the comfortable features of the McLeod Hospice House,” M.B. proclaimed. “Pat and I are thankful we could help provide this compassionate care for the people of Chesterfield and Marlboro Counties.”

  • Foundation Donors Making the World a Better Place

    Like many dedicated supporters of the McLeod Health Foundation, Alice Marlowe gives to make the world a better place. Her generous spirit was inspired by the compassionate care provided to her husband in his final days.


    “My husband, John, was transported to McLeod Regional Medical Center in Florence during the middle of the night from a nursing home in Scranton. I learned that he only had hours to live,” recalls Alice.

    As McLeod Hospice took on John’s care, the shift from crisis management to calm reassurance was seamless. They were both lovingly cared for at McLeod as the focus shifted from curing the infection to making him comfortable for his transition from this life to the next.

    Alice grew up one block from Loris Hospital. Upon returning to her hometown, she began her long service with the hospital which later became McLeod Health Loris.

    Alice has been a generous supporter of the McLeod Foundation with both her gifts and her time.

    Hospice care has been her focus as she helped establish a bereavement group for the program. She also serves on the McLeod Foundation Loris Seacoast Board, is a McLeod Fellow and has helped guide development efforts in Loris.

    “Community service is rent for a spot in Heaven. We all should make the world a better place,” shares Alice.

    Because of her family’s experience with McLeod Hospice, Alice realized there was a need for this compassionate care in Loris. After a visit to the McLeod Hospice House in Florence, Alice was further touched by the size and design of the patient rooms which allowed family members to be with their loved one in a comfortable and home-like environment.

    She then committed to a gift which would sponsor a room designed for hospice patients at McLeod Health Loris in John’s memory.

    The renovated patient rooms allow McLeod Health to bring features of the McLeod Hospice House in Florence closer to those living in Loris and surrounding towns.

    “No one should have to leave their local community to die with dignity,” shares Alice. “It is my wish to inspire others to support McLeod Hospice services in our community. When someone sees you are doing something, they are often encouraged to do the same.”

  • Meeting the Needs of Others Through the Butterfly Fund

    Your Support Helps Hospice and Palliative Care Patients

    Donors like you have helped families through end of life journeys since McLeod Hospice began caring for patients in 1985.


    Beth Ann Owen and her family understand this all too well. They began their generous support of McLeod Hospice after her father was in need of this compassionate care.

    “I am a nurse by profession,” Beth Ann said. “I knew what hospice was, but I did not become intimately involved with hospice until my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 1996.”

    Beth Ann’s father was fortunate to have insurance and the financial means to cover unforeseen needs during his illness. But many other patients are in difficult situations and see those unanticipated needs go unmet.

    Serving has always played a profound role in Beth Ann’s life. So, when she learned about the establishment of the Butterfly Fund she wanted to be involved. Beth Ann readily agreed to chair the Advisory Committee.

    She explained, “By meeting the needs of others and removing the financial stress, we are helping caregivers provide a calmer, more peaceful environment for their loved ones in the end stages of life.”

    Nurse practitioners and social workers who care for patients in their homes see the sad realities every day.

    They see difficult living conditions like holes in the floor and regularly encounter patients who must choose between paying for electricity or their medications. The needs are real.

    Gifts to the Butterfly Fund provide funding to meet critical, immediate needs for Hospice and Palliative care patients who struggle financially during their time of care.

    Because of loyal supporters like you, the Butterfly Fund has been able to help patients like 50-year-old, Marianne — a McLeod Hospice patient. She and her husband are both disabled and moved south when they became homeless. McLeod staff helped them find a home they could afford to rent. Through your gifts, Marianne’s home received minor repairs to make her life and care easier.

    Beth Ann and all who care for these patients are grateful for generous donors like you who believe in the Butterfly Fund.

  • A Light For Someone You Love Hospice Tree Lighting

    McLeod Hospice will celebrate the 36th Annual “A Light for Someone You Love” Tree Lighting Ceremony in Florence on December 2 at 5:45 p.m. The ceremony will be held at McLeod Regional Medical Center in front of the McLeod Center for Cancer Treatment and Research.

  • McLeod Hospice Tree Lighting Sponsor Endowments

    John DeBerry and his sister, Mary Wallace Moore, were raised observing and learning from the compassionate heart of their mother, Teena DeBerry. Motivated by Teena’s giving spirit, John and Mary Wallace wanted to honor her in a special way that would serve to help others.

    “Mary Wallace and I could never ask for any greater blessing than the one that our mother has been to us,” said John. “We wanted to find a way to honor her in a fashion that would support the community that has been so good to all of us.


    “One of Mom’s attributes that we are most grateful for is her caring nature and her compassionate heart. The opportunity to support the McLeod Hospice program seemed to be the perfect fit to honor our Mother’s kind spirit as McLeod Hospice provides compassionate care to so many patients and families at a time when they need it most,” added John.

    John and Mary Wallace consulted with the McLeod Foundation on how they could support the hospice program and decided to establish a McLeod Hospice Tree Lighting Sponsor Endowment. The endowment will provide funding for McLeod Hospice in perpetuity and the gift will honor Teena every year at the annual “A Light for Someone You Love” Tree Lighting ceremony.

    “The perpetual nature of this gift will be a way to honor Mom each Christmas for many years to come,” explained Mary Wallace. “The timing of the tree lighting is also significant for our family because Mom has always demonstrated to us the true meaning of the Christmas season and has made every Christmas extra special for our family.

    “These are values and traditions that I hope to be able to pass along to my children. The annual hospice tree lighting will become a special part of that tradition, and I hope it will help to inspire my children to live their lives and appreciate each Christmas in the same way that their Grandmother always has,” said Mary Wallace.

    Establishing a McLeod Hospice Tree Lighting Sponsor Endowment

    Endowed gifts may be set up through current gifts or deferred gifts.

    Current Gifts: An outright gift of at least $25,000 can be made with cash, appreciated stock or through the new IRA Rollover option.  These may also be made as part of a multi-year pledge.

    Deferred Gifts: A gift of at least $25,000 can be designated to McLeod Foundation to fund an endowment through a will bequest, retirement asset beneficiary designation, insurance policy or other estate commitment.

    Annual funding to support the work of McLeod Hospice begins once the gift is fully endowed.

    For more information on making an endowed gift, please call the McLeod Foundation at (843) 777-2694.

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  • Sensory Garden Brings Natural Comfort

    The McLeod Hospice House Sensory Garden is a place where patients and families can enjoy the outdoors. Relax in wooden benches as you take in the surrounding natural beauty of various plants and flowers.

  • Camp Jessie’s Kids – Helping Children Cope With Loss

    Understanding the needs of a child suffering a loss are unique, Jessie Tanner with McLeod Hospice set out more than 20 years ago to help children learn to grieve together. The result of her efforts is Camp Jessie’s Kids, an annual day camp funded by the McLeod Health Foundation for children coping with the loss or life-threatening illness of a special family member, relative or friend. The grief camp is open to any child in the region who is coping with the loss of a loved one — not just families touched by McLeod Hospice.