McLeod Center for Cancer
Treatment and Research

Your support of the McLeod Center for Cancer Treatment and Research helps ensure the very best healthcare resources are available for our patients including specialized programs, services and the most up-to-date technology and equipment.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, The McLeod Foundation has been able to:

  • Fund the building of the McLeod Cancer Center, the only American College of Surgeons accredited cancer center in the region.
  • Fund the purchase of the Mobile Mammography Unit, taking life-saving early detection of breast cancer to women throughout the region.
  • Establish the HOPE Fund (Helping Oncology Patients Everyday) to meet the personal needs of cancer patients while on their cancer journey.
  • Patients Are Not Alone On Their Cancer Journey

    Through Your Support of the HOPE Fund, You Walk With Them. Donors to the HOPE (Helping Oncology Patients Everyday) Fund understand that the cancer journey does not end with the final treatment. The emotional and physical effects carry on for much longer. However, you demonstrate your caring help even after they ring the bell, signifying completion of their treatment.


    One day, Daisy Nesmith discovered a lump in her breast. A busy grandmother of six, her days were filled by family and at her church in Kingstree. Still, she found time to get it checked out.

    This would begin a journey she never wanted to take.

    Following a biopsy, Daisy learned that she did, in fact, have breast cancer. She was devastated.

    “I cried,” Daisy reflected. “But after drying my tears, I ripped a sheet of paper out of my journal and wrote: ‘God, I am going to beat this.’”

    She placed the scrap of paper between the pages of her Bible as a reminder to keep pressing forward. Towards the end of her treatment, Daisy began having fluid build-up and swelling in her arms. She had begun experiencing a painful symptom many cancer patients face: lymphedema.

    Oncologist Dr. Rajesh Bajaj, along with Daisy’s surgeon, Dr. Amy Murrell, suggested that she purchase a lymphedema sleeve. Made of a tight, stretchy material, a compression sleeve would allow the blood flow to increase in her arm.

    While necessary, the sleeve was costly and not covered by Daisy’s insurance.

    With her limited personal resources, Daisy asked a friend to purchase the first sleeve. Her swelling and pain reduced dramatically, but these sleeves must be replaced every three to six months to remain effective. Daisy knew this would be impossible to afford on her own.

    She humbly sought out Sarah Beth Averette, the McLeod HOPE Coordinator, to ask for help. Because of your generous support, Sarah Beth immediately ordered a new sleeve and a second one for Daisy’s other arm, too.

    “I was relieved and so very grateful,” Daisy said. “I saw that I was not alone and was given what I really needed.”

    HOPE Fund donors like you make it possible for our patients to receive the supplies they need to heal, regardless of their ability to pay. Just as importantly, you show Daisy and so many others that they are not alone on their cancer journey.

    Image shown above: Dr. Rajesh Bajaj is pictured with Daisy Nesmith, who is grateful to HOPE Fund donors for providing her with lymphedema sleeves to help alleviate her painful cancer symptoms.

  • Cancer Journeys Inspire Giving

    Patient Joins HOPE Fund Donors in Ensuring Help for Fellow Cancer Patients

    Generous HOPE Fund donors like you give confidently knowing all donations go directly to assist cancer patients with critical financial needs.


    For Steven Higman, a 64-year-old Navy Veteran, supporting the HOPE (Helping Oncology Patients Everyday) Fund provides personal solace and gratification.

    Steven and his late wife, Joyce, made Longs, SC, their home eight years ago. After traveling the world, Steven delights in all the outdoor amenities available in the area. He is an avid fisherman, boater, gardener, animal lover and notorious storyteller.

    However, in December 2020, following three years of struggling with undiagnosed health issues, Steven found himself in the McLeod Health Seacoast Emergency Department. A complete work-up by doctors resulted in a diagnosis of Stage IV renal cancer for Steven. He was immediately referred to Dr. Glenn Gangi to remove the affected kidney.

    After healing from his procedure, Steven was referred to McLeod Seacoast Oncologist Dr. Donny Huynh to begin his cancer treatment.

    “I am incredibly grateful that the dedicated medical professionals at McLeod Seacoast discovered and are treating my cancer,” shares Steven. “I believe my condition would have been fatal. They saved my life.”

    Steven, already fighting a demanding battle, faced a deep emotional setback eight months after his diagnosis. Joyce, the love of his life, succumbed to her own battle with cancer.

    Dealing with grief while in active treatment inspired Steven to look for ways to help others who face individual struggles during their cancer journey. He found his answer in the McLeod HOPE Fund. Steven has become a generous supporter of the HOPE Fund knowing that his gifts will help cancer patients with critical needs like transportation, nutrition, rent assistance, supplies and medications.

    For a man who relishes time outdoors, long hours in treatment can be especially debilitating. Steven has personally benefitted from a new program established through the HOPE Fund: Pet Therapy. While patients receive treatment, volunteers bring certified pets to provide comfort and distraction for cancer patients like Steven who are enduring long, sometimes grueling treatments.

    While grief originally led Steven to become part of the HOPE Fund family, gratitude now guides his giving as he joins donors like you who generously provide for cancer patients.

  • Foundation Donors Fully invested in Patient Care

    Personal Experience Yields Gratitude and Giving

    McLeod Health Foundation donors like you invest in excellent healthcare close to home.

    Often, an amazing local resource like the McLeod Center for Cancer Treatment and Research is not fully appreciated until you need it personally.


    When Sarah Duby, Associate Vice President at Assurant, moved to Florence four years ago, she had no clue she would come to rely on the McLeod Cancer Center.

    When the COVID-19 Pandemic began, Sarah focused on improving her health and started running. As she began to lose weight, she noticed a lump in her breast.
    Her first reaction was that it was nothing to worry about. However, when she met with her Family Nurse Practitioner Allison Slice, she was immediately sent to the McLeod Breast Health Center for a mammogram which led to a biopsy.

    The biopsy revealed a diagnosis of Stage IIB breast cancer.

    Like anyone who hears those words, Sarah was frightened.

    She learned the true value of excellent healthcare in the days following her diagnosis. Sarah was seen at once by McLeod Surgeon Dr. Amy Murrell, who helped relieve her fears.

    She was then referred to McLeod Oncologist Dr. Ravneet Bajwa, who offered guidance and encouragement. She would come to appreciate that both physicians were fully invested in her cancer journey from beginning to end.

    “Your health is always going to be a factor in life at some point, but it’s not until you face a medical crisis that you realize the true value of good health care,” Sarah explained.

    Sarah’s employer, Assurant, through its Assurant Foundation, is a long-time supporter of the McLeod Health Foundation and the McLeod Mobile Mammography Unit.

    Since 2009, Assurant employees and the community have benefitted from easy access to this life-saving screening due to regular mobile unit visits to their office.

    “It makes perfect sense for Assurant to support the McLeod Mobile Mammography Unit,” Sarah commented. “We believe in investing in the health of our employees and our community.”

    Sarah feels her healthcare team is like her family. She is grateful that Assurant and other donors to the McLeod Foundation value the excellent health care she has benefitted from in her new hometown.

  • Donors Think Pink

    A Community Comes Together to Ensure Access to Lifesaving Service

    October signifies a time of idyllic weather with the leaves changing, everyone cheering for their favorite football teams, and donors like you Thinking Pink.


    Each Fall, local businesses and community members come up with creative ways to raise funds in support of McLeod Health Mammography Services. This year, the most critical need was a new mobile mammography unit.

    Rick Havekost, owner of Micky Finn’s in Florence, was made aware of one such local effort through West Florence High School Senior, Addie Bausmith. Addie was involved in “Pink Out,” a day of breast cancer awareness and fundraising started by Ruiz Foods in 2010. Addie’s focus was raising funding for the new mobile unit.

    A few weeks later, Rick was approached by Joan Billheimer and Kaye Floyd-Parris, dedicated supporters of McLeod Health and the McLeod Health Foundation.

    Both cancer survivors, Joan and Kaye were instrumental in raising funds for the original McLeod Mobile Mammography Unit.

    Their passion to eliminate barriers to care for women in the region continued through their support of the new mobile unit.

    Joan and Kaye explained to Rick how the current mobile unit began experiencing wear and tear due to its age. After more than a decade on the road, it became obvious that a new unit would be needed to continue saving lives in the region.

    After hearing from others of this crucial need, Rick was moved to be a part of “Pink Out.” He decided that Florence’s two Micky Finn’s locations could support this project in a unique and impactful way.

    Every Friday in October, Micky Finn’s donated all wine profits to support the initiative. Each of those five Fridays, Rick and his team proudly donned pink shirts, and posted reminders and calls to action to their loyal customers via social media.

    At the end of the month, Rick and his team, with the support of the Florence community, had raised more than $10,000 toward the new mobile unit.

    “Our Micky Finn’s team was inspired by the generous community of supporters who joined in this important effort to fund a new mobile mammography unit,” Rick said. “We were proud to be a part of the ‘Pink Out.’”

  • Endowing Hope

    Giving Reaches Beyond Medical Care

    For Dr. Rajesh Bajaj and his wife, Dr. Anu Chaudhry, providing hope to their patients goes well beyond medical treatment.

    In 1995, these dedicated physicians began their life’s work at McLeod Health. Dr. Bajaj, a medical oncologist, and Dr. Chaudhry, an OB/GYN, soon found that by supporting the McLeod Health Foundation, their gifts could provide critical resources for their patients while they were receiving care.


    When the HOPE (Helping Oncology Patients Everyday) Fund was established in 2014, the two found a ideal match for their philanthropy. The HOPE Fund assists patients who face financial struggles that often accompany a cancer diagnosis.

    Each day, Dr. Bajaj looks into the eyes of patients who carry weighty financial worries. He sees fear and concern over how they will afford their pain and nausea medications or pay this month’s rent. He eases their anxiety by telling them the HOPE Fund is there to help.

    “I could see my own patients being impacted by the HOPE Fund right away,” he shared.

    In 2017, recognizing the critical nature of services provided by donor gifts, the McLeod Foundation established the HOPE Fund Endowment.

    The HOPE Fund Endowment ensures that if regular funding were ever interrupted, proceeds generated by the endowment could still provide for the most crucial services.

    Upon learning of this new opportunity, Dr. Bajaj and Dr. Chaudhry committed to designate their own gifts to the HOPE Fund Endowment.

    “I cannot do my job unless we care for the entire person,” Dr. Bajaj explained. “It goes beyond the cancer diagnosis to all the ways a patient’s life is impacted, such as issues obtaining medication, paying certain bills and even dealing with transportation problems. If the patient cannot get here for their care, we are unable to treat them.”

    Dr. Bajaj and Dr. Chaudhry are confident that by supporting and championing the HOPE Fund Endowment, they are ensuring hope for cancer patients in their time of need — for many, many years to come.

  • A Focus On Giving

    Young Couple Faces Cancer Scare by Giving Back

    For Morgan Pierce, a newly hired Pharmacist at McLeod, giving a portion of her salary to help others through the McLeod Health Foundation came naturally.

    At the time she began giving, she had no idea what her young family would face.


    In 2019, Morgan and her husband, Josh, settled blissfully into family life with their new son, Ryan. Then, Josh began experiencing an unusual pain in his abdomen and back. The otherwise healthy 29-year-old teacher and football coach decided to consult his family physician Dr. Prakash Beeraka. Tests revealed frightening results.

    Josh was diagnosed with a rare testicular cancer, which required immediate and aggressive treatment.

    He was quickly referred to a team of physicians including Dr. Wayne Holley, Dr. Amy Murrell and Dr. Rajesh Bajaj.

    As Josh experienced the side effects of chemotherapy, Morgan felt blessed that they had the ability to pay for his treatment as well as essential pain and nausea medications.

    As a pharmacist working in the McLeod Cancer Center, Morgan knew this was not necessarily the case for all patients.

    “I read the names of patients as their charts came across my desk each day, knowing that many had no insurance or the ability to pay for what they needed,” Morgan recalled. “It was such a great relief to know that the HOPE (Helping Oncology Patients Everyday) Fund was there to bridge that gap for them.”

    In the midst of their journey, Morgan received a postcard in the mail from the McLeod Health Foundation about a new service available to donors: FreeWill.

    FreeWill allows those who do not have a will to create one easily and for free. Morgan tucked the postcard away and vowed to come back to it later.

    The following year, Morgan and Josh decided to create their will. Keeping with their desire to help others, they included the McLeod Foundation as a beneficiary.

    “After walking through this cancer journey, we knew we needed a will, especially for our young son,” Morgan shared.

    As Josh continues to recover, the young couple has returned to their focus on helping others. This year, they joined the McLeod Foundation’s young giving society, the Circle of Excellence, allowing them to give back to the hospital they love.

  • Generosity Arises From Personal Experience

    Local Business Owners Give Back

    Acts of generosity and support often arise from intense personal experience.

    Like many donors to the McLeod Health Foundation, this is true for Amy Martini and her husband Jeff. Amy’s journey with breast cancer had a tremendous impact on their family.


    Amy diligently received regular mammograms beginning when she was 30 years old due to her family’s history with cancer. Sadly, she lost her beloved mother to breast cancer after a long battle.

    Seven years ago, during a routine annual exam, Amy received the news she had feared the most. At age 45, she would begin her own frightening journey with breast cancer.

    Amy immediately began a very aggressive treatment, which she completed in November 2020.

    “You have to be aware because it can happen at any age,” Amy said.

    Amy’s mother had been diagnosed four times with breast cancer, but none were detected early enough to save her life. Amy and her family are grateful for the regular screenings that allowed Amy’s cancer to be detected before it spread.

    “This is part of my personal journey,” Amy passionately shared. “How can I not give back?”

    This past October, in honor of breast cancer awareness month, Jeff and Amy hosted the first “Dine Out for Breast Cancer.” This month-long event at the couple’s restaurants, Midtown Bistro and Bar 19 Twelve, raised funds to support breast cancer services at McLeod Health Loris Seacoast.

    “In spite of COVID-19 restrictions, the event was very successful, raising $30,000 in 30 days,” Jeff explained.

    Amy and Jeff both admire the small-town appeal of North Myrtle Beach with its “big city atmosphere where everybody sticks together.” This was evident in the amazing results of this special event.

    Following the success of the inaugural “Dine Out for Breast Cancer,” Amy and Jeff have committed to host the event annually. They know they can help increase awareness of preventative care by raising funds to support cancer services at McLeod Health Loris Seacoast.

    By supporting “Dine Out for Breast Cancer,” individuals from all over the Grand Strand will help raise funds for cancer patients and their families.

  • HOPE Fund – Helping Patients When They Need It The Most

    The HOPE Fund (Helping Oncology Patients Everyday) is established for cancer patient support services and to provide oncology staff with improved access for the immediate assistance needs of their patients.

  • Cancer Stories

    View stories about how your Foundation gifts to the McLeod Center for Cancer Treatment and Research Center are helping patients and their families.