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Passionate Support Provides a Safety Net for Cancer Patients

HOPE Fund Endowment Donors Prepared for a Crisis

Last year, Dr. Jamie and Laura Smith made the personal decision to support the HOPE (Helping Oncology Patients Everyday) Fund Endowment.

The HOPE Fund Endowment was established in 2017 to prepare for a crisis that may interrupt charitable giving to the HOPE Fund. The proceeds from the Endowment could be used to fund critical services for cancer patients undergoing treatment.

Little did they know that our country’s most significant healthcare crisis was looming: COVID-19. Dr. Smith, a medical oncologist with McLeod Oncology and Hematology Associates, and his partners were acutely aware of the vulnerability of their cancer patients. As McLeod Health responded to the emergency, protocols were put in place to provide protection for patients with compromised immune systems as they continue their treatment.

The HOPE Fund, which had been a lifeline for so many, now became even more essential as patients and their family members lost their jobs. Increasing numbers of patients faced financial obstacles and needed help with transportation, medications and nutrition.

While donors to the HOPE Fund made these vital services available, the Endowment was in place if this crucial funding was threatened.

Laura shares that their family and close friends have faced a cancer diagnosis. She feels passionately that patients should be able to focus on getting healthy and not have to worry about financial struggles or other barriers to care.

Dr. Smith chose to establish his practice at McLeod Health because it offers the resources to provide the level of care he knows is best for his patients. They are generous supporters of the McLeod Foundation and advocates for the compassionate focus on patients at McLeod.

The Smiths appreciate knowing that their gifts ensure the HOPE Fund Endowment will always be a safety net for patients struggling with a cancer diagnosis.