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Providing Access To Early Detection

Corporate Foundation Helps Keep a Vital Service Alive for Women in Our Region

The Truist Foundation was formed in 2020 with the mission to improve quality of life for individuals living in its communities. The Foundation holds the belief that all people should have an equal opportunity to thrive.

When Matthew Langston, Market President for Truist in Florence, heard about the McLeod Mobile Mammography Unit, he knew it was a perfect fit for the Truist Foundation.

“Access to high-quality healthcare is a critical component of ensuring all community members have the opportunity to thrive,” Matthew explained. “We believe everyone should have access to mammography services -- early detection saves lives.”

Since 2008, the McLeod Mobile Mammography Unit has provided breast cancer screenings to more than 36,000 women, traveling to schools, free medical clinics, local industries, and military bases across 11 South Carolina counties to bring these services to women living in rural and underserved areas. The vast majority of those served are working class, low-to-moderate income women who would likely otherwise forgo annual mammograms, finding the prospect of traveling long distances to a hospital too burdensome. Last year, due to frequent repair needs on the 15-year-old vehicle, the Mobile Mammography program was unable to complete some visits. Generous donors, like YOU and the Truist Foundation, quickly stepped up to fund the purchase of a new vehicle.

Matthew, a graduate of the McLeod Fellows program and board member of the local community health center Mercy Medicine, knew how vital it was to keep this service available for the women of our region.

“One of the biggest issues facing our region is access to care,” Matthew said. “Having the mobile unit out in the community alleviates access and transportation issues. Going outside of the brick and mortar fulfills a real need for these women.”

For the Truist Foundation, early detection is not simply a community need. It is also personal. Doris Lockhart, who sits on Truist Bank’s local advisory board, is a breast cancer survivor herself. When she heard of the need for a new Mobile Mammography Unit, she quickly went to work scheduling meetings between McLeod Health Foundation staff and Truist Foundation leadership. She even served on the McLeod Mobile Mammography Campaign Council. Doris was instrumental to making this gift possible.

“Early detection was the key to my diagnosis and the reason I am alive today,” Doris explained. “I encourage all women to get their annual mammogram. I am grateful to the Truist Foundation for their support of this initiative.”

While new to the Florence area, the Truist Foundation is excited to join the generous community of McLeod donors who give to improve access to care in our region.

“Our greatest hope at Truist,” Matthew added, “is that every patient that visits the McLeod Mobile Mammography Unit feels a deep sense of care and belonging in this community.”