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Your Generosity Inspires Professional Advisory Council

Annual Dues Jumpstart Fund to Assist Vascular Patients

Dedicated donors like you guide the work of the McLeod Health Foundation’s Professional Advisory Council (PAC). This group made up of local financial and insurance advisors and attorneys devote their time to help clients make their best gift.

Inspired by your generosity, PAC donates their annual dues to fund programs which help patients treated at McLeod Health.

Scott Mitchell, PAC Chair, explains, “Our members are so moved by the many generous donors to the McLeod Foundation that we wanted to use our annual dues to also help patients.”

This year, they learned from Dr. Eva Rzucidlo, Medical Director of Vascular Services for McLeod Regional Medical Center and the McLeod Vein Center, of the countless challenges that her patients with vascular disease face. While some are blessed with the means to afford personal supplies as needed, many struggle to afford essential items, such as compression socks.

Often, patients seen in the vascular office are instructed to wear specialized compression socks to aid with their illness and to alleviate their symptoms.

These socks not only help with pain relief, but also improve blood flow to the legs, which is important for a patient struggling with vascular issues.

For many patients, these socks are vital for their recovery but financially out of reach. These specialized socks can run nearly $100 per pair, making it difficult for some to afford -- especially if multiple pairs are needed.

After personally seeing many patients going without these socks, Dr. Rzucidlo approached the McLeod Foundation.

Upon hearing the request and learning of the profound impact it would have on this group of patients, PAC members were moved to provide the funding to jumpstart this initiative.

Inspired by you, the council’s generous gift will help patients with limited financial support have access to resources that will bring them comfort, as well as prevent any further challenges and obstacles in their care.

To learn more about the Professional Advisory Council and how you can make your best gift, visit www.mcleodhealthlegacy.org.