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Shared Values Guide Generous Support

Couple’s Cancer Journey Motivates Giving to Help Others

Tim Carlisle, CEO of Carolina Trust Federal Credit Union, had his world rocked in 2023. Doctors diagnosed Pam, his beloved 

wife of 34 years, with breast cancer.

“It is a scary journey and you do not know where to turn because time is not on your side,” Tim reflected. “You focus on getting to the right people, which is a complicated process.”

Tim and Pam’s journey would show them the importance of having a comprehensive cancer center close to home. When Pam went in for a routine screening mammogram, she was told she needed to follow up with a diagnostic mammogram which led to the need for a biopsy. However, the local healthcare system was so overwhelmed that it was difficult to get an appointment for a biopsy in a timely manner.

In frustration, Tim and Pam decided to travel to Wilmington, North Carolina, an hour and a half away from their home in Myrtle Beach for Pam’s cancer treatment.

Pam was blessed that Tim could drive her to Wilmington every time she had a treatment. It was very apparent to them that not everyone has that luxury.

“When a person is struggling through their cancer journey, transportation should not be something to have to worry about,” Tim said. “This is why local care is so important.”

Tim’s experience with Pam’s cancer journey also revealed how important it is to have access to comprehensive cancer care available near home.

 With this knowledge, Tim has guided Carolina Trust to provide generous support for the McLeod Health Foundation. 

This includes sponsoring Jockeys and Juleps, and a very significant commitment to the Hope and Healing Campaign for the new McLeod Center for Cancer Treatment and Research at Seacoast.

“McLeod and Carolina Trust have common values,” Tim explained. “We are both non-profits and we put people ahead of profits. We are both about relationships, which is why we partnered together.”