What is the Circle of Excellence?

The Circle of Excellence is a young giving society organized through the McLeod Health Foundation.  It is comprised of individuals and couples 45 and under, who contribute $500 or more annually to support the work of the McLeod Foundation.

What are the Membership requirements?

The membership requirement for the Circle of Excellence is a minimum gift of $500 annually. Only individuals/couples who are under 45 are eligible to join.

How are the Funds be used?

The funds contributed by the members are held in the Circle of Excellence Fund, which is used to support programs and services of McLeod Health.  Each year, members review a list of  high priority needs at McLeod Health and vote on how to award the funds.

How often will the Circle of Excellence meet?

The membership meets four times a year for social and educational events including an Annual Recognition Party.

How can I join?

You can join the Circle of Excellence by completing the commitment form.  Membership requires a pledge of $500 or more.

If you would like more information, please contact:

Elizabeth Jones, McLeod Foundation, Elizabeth.jones@mcleodhealth.org
Davis Sawyer, McLeod Foundation, DSawyer@mcleodhealth.org

  • McLeod Circle of Excellence Members

    Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Abbott
    Mr. and Mrs. Harry Allen
    Ms. Meggie Baker*
    Ms. Fletcher Bateman
    Ms. Elizabeth Battle
    Dr. and Mrs. Brian Blaker
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bolick
    Ms. Mallory Brayboy*
    Drs. Cary and Mary Sue Brewton
    Ms. Erin Brown
    Mr. and Mrs. Gunter Bullock
    Mr.  Darren Youmans
    and Dr. Vicki Chung*


    Dr.  and Mrs. Michael Collins
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Collins
    Dr. and Mrs. Eric Coughlin
    Ms. Courtney Cribb
    Ms. John S. Deberry, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Curt Derrick
    Mr. and Mrs. Reggie Duncan
    Ms. Kaley Elmore
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Fast
    Mr. and Mrs. Matt Ferguson
    Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Galloway
    Mrs. Reba Gordon
    Mr. John and
    Dr. Candice Greenan

    Mr. and Mrs. Barnett Greenberg*
    Mr. and Mrs. William Hardaway
    Mr. and Mrs. Derek Hemmingsen
    Mr. Robby Hill
    Mr. and Mrs. Alec Hogsette*
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hunter
    Mr. and Mrs. Casey Hydro
    Mr. and Mrs. Kendall Jackson
    Dr. and Mrs. Will Jackson
    Mr. and Mrs. Andy Jeffords
    Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. Phil Jones
    Drs. Art and Meghan Jordan
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Jordan
    Dr. and Mrs. Noah Kahn
    Mr. Laithe and Dr. Jamie Kenney-Kalbuneh
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kennedy
    Mr. and Mrs. Jay Lee
    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Marsh
    Drs. Brad and Ellen Moore
    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Moore
    Mr. and Mrs. Ashley Nance*
    Tara and Jason Newton
    Drs. Erin and Will Patton
    Dr. and Mrs. Carmen Piccolo
    Mr. and Mrs. Josh Pierce
    Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Rishmawi
    Dr. and Mrs. Brian Sang
    Mr. and Mrs. Gantt Sawyer
    Mr. and Mrs. Seth Sherard
    Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Smith
    Brooke and Jason Smith
    Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Snipes
    Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Srimougchanh
    Mr. and Mrs. Rhett Spencer
    Mr. and Mrs. Clay Swaggard
    John and Sarah Sweeney
    Mr. and Mrs. Adam Swindler
    Dr. and Mrs. Chad Thurman
    Dr. Jarrod Tippins
    Mr. and Mrs. Steve Tonolio
    Mr. and Mrs. Derick Urquhart
    Dr. and Mrs. Vivek Vasuki*
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Vause
    Dr. and Mrs. Johnson Walker
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Wentzell*
    Dr. Jill Wilkes
    Mr. and Mrs. Dikran Yacoubian*


    *Circle of Excellence Executive Committee
    Bold- Founding Members
    Members as of 6.7.21

  • A Focus On Giving

    Young Couple Faces Cancer Scare by Giving Back

    For Morgan Pierce, a newly hired Pharmacist at McLeod, giving a portion of her salary to help others through the McLeod Health Foundation came naturally.

    At the time she began giving, she had no idea what her young family would face.


    In 2019, Morgan and her husband, Josh, settled blissfully into family life with their new son, Ryan. Then, Josh began experiencing an unusual pain in his abdomen and back. The otherwise healthy 29-year-old teacher and football coach decided to consult his family physician Dr. Prakash Beeraka. Tests revealed frightening results.

    Josh was diagnosed with a rare testicular cancer, which required immediate and aggressive treatment.

    He was quickly referred to a team of physicians including Dr. Wayne Holley, Dr. Amy Murrell and Dr. Rajesh Bajaj.

    As Josh experienced the side effects of chemotherapy, Morgan felt blessed that they had the ability to pay for his treatment as well as essential pain and nausea medications.

    As a pharmacist working in the McLeod Cancer Center, Morgan knew this was not necessarily the case for all patients.

    “I read the names of patients as their charts came across my desk each day, knowing that many had no insurance or the ability to pay for what they needed,” Morgan recalled. “It was such a great relief to know that the HOPE (Helping Oncology Patients Everyday) Fund was there to bridge that gap for them.”

    In the midst of their journey, Morgan received a postcard in the mail from the McLeod Health Foundation about a new service available to donors: FreeWill.

    FreeWill allows those who do not have a will to create one easily and for free. Morgan tucked the postcard away and vowed to come back to it later.

    The following year, Morgan and Josh decided to create their will. Keeping with their desire to help others, they included the McLeod Foundation as a beneficiary.

    “After walking through this cancer journey, we knew we needed a will, especially for our young son,” Morgan shared.

    As Josh continues to recover, the young couple has returned to their focus on helping others. This year, they joined the McLeod Foundation’s young giving society, the Circle of Excellence, allowing them to give back to the hospital they love.