You Can Honor Your Healthcare Hero

You can say thank you to special McLeod Health staff members who have gone above and beyond during your stay at McLeod. Patients and families can make a donation honoring a staff member. If you would like to recognize that special nurse, physician, tech or other staff member who have been exceptional to you or your loved one, please click here to Honor Your Healthcare Hero, or call the McLeod Foundation office at (843) 777-2694.

Each staff member that you recognize will be honored in front of their colleagues with the presentation of a custom crafted Healthcare Hero lapel pin along with a note of thanks in your name.

  • Local Physician Gives Back and Inspires Giving in Others

    After years on the move as a traveling physician, Dr. Raymond Holt has found a home at McLeod Health. The New York native began working at McLeod Primary Care Seacoast in 2010.

    One of the first things that struck him at his new job was his fellow employees’ passionate support for the McLeod Health Foundation.

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  • Our Healthcare Heroes

    We have numerous healthcare heroes. Click here to see a list of our Healthcare Heroes.



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  • You Can Honor Healthcare Heroes

    Your Gifts Thank Those Who Provide Exceptional Care While Helping Others

    You may be able to relate to the anxious moments experienced by Carroll and Nancy Player in August of 2021.


    For the Players, life changed dramatically during a casual dinner out with friends. Without warning, Nancy suddenly suffered a stroke. She was rushed to McLeod Regional Medical Center. What began as a comfortable, routine meal had tossed the Players into a world of uncertainty.

    “I had complete confidence in McLeod, but also severe anxiety about Nancy’s prognosis,” recalled Carroll, a retired dentist, and a longtime friend of the McLeod Health Foundation.

    His trust in McLeod did not waver and would result in a Healthcare Hero award, which recognizes staff who shine exceptionally bright. McLeod Nurse Josh Summerford was that shining light.

    “Josh showed empathy like I have never seen before,” Carroll remembered. “He was great at explaining what he was doing, and always looked Nancy in the eyes.”

    The Players were pleased to learn of the Healthcare Hero Program. Patients and families can honor staff who provide exceptional care by making a gift to the Foundation which will be used to help others. These heroes are recognized at a gathering of their peers and are presented with a Healthcare Hero Certificate and pin to wear on their uniforms or nametags.

    As Nancy continues her recovery, she says Josh is a role model for McLeod staff. He reduced Carroll’s anxiety by involving him in conversations about Nancy’s treatment and chatting about Florence’s past.

    A proud Florentine, Carroll was pleased to learn that Josh’s grandfather owned Kirk’s Delicatessen, an iconic Florence landmark.

    It is for these reasons that Carroll and Nancy made their gift to nominate Josh for a Healthcare Hero award. Josh’s standard of care shows that effective medicine does not consider patients or their loved ones’ fears as abstract problems to be solved, but as human beings to be healed and comforted.

    “The Healthcare Hero program gave us the ability to express our gratitude directly to the person who provided the care,” Carroll explained. “We are pleased to provide the affirmation and encouragement for healthcare workers who continue excelling in their compassionate care.”