What is McLeod Angels?

McLeod Angels is an association of women organized through the McLeod Health Foundation. The purpose of the McLeod Angels is to provide healthcare-related educational opportunities for women to develop their knowledge of the importance of philanthropy on healthcare to our region. Membership dues create a fund to invest in projects that build and strengthen Foundation-supported programs through the power of joint philanthropy.

What are the Membership Dues?

The membership dues for the McLeod Angels are a minimum of $100 annually.

How will the Funds be used?

The membership dues are held in the McLeod Angels Fund, which is used to support programs and services of McLeod Health with a focus on outreach efforts related to women’s health. The membership determines how the fund shall be utilized for the benefit of patients and families.

How often will McLeod Angels meet?

The membership meets four times a year for lunch in September, November, January and April. A health-related educational presentation is the highlight of each meeting.

How can I join?

McLeod Angels membership is open to all women, who are interested. If you would like to become a member, click here ‎to join now! If you would like more information, please contact the McLeod Health Foundation at (843) 777-2694 or email Kendra Collins.

  • Grants Funded by McLeod Angels

    McLeod Angels extends a helping hand by funding valuable grants. View a list of the many ways in which we help the community.

  • Who’s on the McLeod Angels Advisory Committee

    • Beverly Hazelwood, Chair
    • Lillian Coleman
    • Joyce Dalsbo
    • Darby Holley
    • Shirley Imbeau
    • Frances McIntosh
    • Shirley Meiere
    • Ann Orr
    • Lindy Pietila
    • Lalla Saleeby
    • Mary Jane Weir