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Cancer Journeys Inspire Giving

Patient Joins HOPE Fund Donors in Ensuring Help for Fellow Cancer Patients

Generous HOPE Fund donors like you give confidently knowing all donations go directly to assist cancer patients with critical financial needs.

For Steven Higman, a 64-year-old Navy Veteran, supporting the HOPE (Helping Oncology Patients Everyday) Fund provides personal solace and gratification.

Steven and his late wife, Joyce, made Longs, SC, their home eight years ago. After traveling the world, Steven delights in all the outdoor amenities available in the area. He is an avid fisherman, boater, gardener, animal lover and notorious storyteller.

However, in December 2020, following three years of struggling with undiagnosed health issues, Steven found himself in the McLeod Health Seacoast Emergency Department. A complete work-up by doctors resulted in a diagnosis of Stage IV renal cancer for Steven. He was immediately referred to Dr. Glenn Gangi to remove the affected kidney.

After healing from his procedure, Steven was referred to McLeod Seacoast Oncologist Dr. Donny Huynh to begin his cancer treatment.

“I am incredibly grateful that the dedicated medical professionals at McLeod Seacoast discovered and are treating my cancer,” shares Steven. “I believe my condition would have been fatal. They saved my life.”

Steven, already fighting a demanding battle, faced a deep emotional setback eight months after his diagnosis. Joyce, the love of his life, succumbed to her own battle with cancer.

Dealing with grief while in active treatment inspired Steven to look for ways to help others who face individual struggles during their cancer journey. He found his answer in the McLeod HOPE Fund. Steven has become a generous supporter of the HOPE Fund knowing that his gifts will help cancer patients with critical needs like transportation, nutrition, rent assistance, supplies and medications.

For a man who relishes time outdoors, long hours in treatment can be especially debilitating. Steven has personally benefitted from a new program established through the HOPE Fund: Pet Therapy. While patients receive treatment, volunteers bring certified pets to provide comfort and distraction for cancer patients like Steven who are enduring long, sometimes grueling treatments.

While grief originally led Steven to become part of the HOPE Fund family, gratitude now guides his giving as he joins donors like you who generously provide for cancer patients.