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Local Business Partners with McLeod Foundation

For Carolina Door & Hardware, Generosity is Their “Why”

For Lance Evans, President of Carolina Door & Hardware, generosity is at the heart of his company. 

A privately owned, commercial and automatic door service, Carolina Door & Hardware has served the Florence community for more than 20 years. Its partnership with McLeod Health began in 2010 when Dale Locklair, then Senior Vice President of Planning and Facilities Management, invited them to become a part of the hospital’s outside vendor program, which allows local vendors to partner with McLeod departments on different maintenance and engineering projects.

“We have been here since the beginning of the program,” Lance shared.

As his company partnered with McLeod on more and more projects over the years, Lance began to realize they were doing much more than simply installing doors.

“Everything changed for us when we began connecting what we do with why we do it,” he shared. “We aren’t just fixing a door at the hospital. We are fixing a door to help a cancer patient easily get into their treatment, making their day and life a little bit easier.”

Lance’s vision for Carolina Door & Hardware began to include creating a culture of generosity. As such, the company has chosen to support the hospital through the McLeod Health Foundation’s Corporate Vendor Sponsorship program. 

Lance appreciates the easy process of working with his team to designate gifts for the areas of 

the hospital he and his employees are most passionate about. 

“The Lord has blessed our company,” Lance explained. “Doors are what we ‘do,’ but we are far bigger than that.” 

In recent years, Lance and his wife, Danielle, have begun focusing more on their own philanthropic goals and being a good steward of God’s blessings. After many personal experiences at McLeod, they are grateful for the excellent care provided at all campuses across the system and eager to give back. 

“Our heart is in practicing generosity and making a difference in the community we love,” Lance shared. 

Make Your Mark with the Corporate Vendor Sponsorship Program

The McLeod Health Foundation strives to inspire the generosity of a caring community with opportunities to improve patients’ lives by supporting continued excellent healthcare. Since, 1986, the Foundation has raised more than $113.2 million to benefit McLeod Health. Major projects have included the McLeod Hospice House and Expansion, the McLeod Cancer Center, McLeod Children’s Hospital Expansion, McLeod Health Seacoast Emergency Department, the Guest House at McLeod and many other much needed resources to improve healthcare in the region. 

The Corporate Vendor Sponsorship Program allows the Foundation to partner with business leaders who recognize the importance of a shared investment in advancing the health and wellbeing of the entire community. The Foundation works to continually attract key businesses and community leaders, volunteers, board and committee members, as well as donors to consider joining the program. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Corporate Vendor Sponsorship Program or would like help customizing a plan tailored to your organization’s needs, please contact Davis Sawyer with the McLeod Foundation at 843-777-2138.