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The Employee Campaign,
All About Teamwork

Your Frontline Team Believes in Giving, Too

If you have ever played sports, you have heard the phrase, “There is no ‘I’ in TEAM.”

Though it may sound cliché, it is the mantra of Andrew and Angela McNeil, employees of McLeod for more than two decades. Andrew, a Nursing Director in Surgical Services, and Angela, an Oncology Nurse Navigator, share a passion for using teamwork to care for their patients.

“I keep patients connected with their doctors and make referrals to providers like social workers and dietitians,” Angela says. “We focus on holistic treatment, and that means no one person can do everything that is necessary for a patient.” Andrew agrees, “As a director, my goal is to be a part of a collective group that achieves positive results at a larger scale than a single operating room.”

The McNeils’ focus on teamwork also motivates their long-time giving to the McLeod Health Foundation through the Employee Campaign.

The Employee Campaign, the largest source of the Foundation’s donations, makes possible a wide variety of necessary services that, while improving patients’ outcomes, are not covered in the hospital’s budget. Angela is especially grateful for the gas cards and a food pantry provided through the Foundation’s HOPE Fund, which helps cancer patients of limited financial means with travel assistance to appointments and access to proper nutrition.

“It gives patients peace of mind,” Angela explains. “And, if they have one less thing to worry about, they will have more room for optimism about their treatment.”

The McNeils feel joy knowing that their donations can be a part of every positive outcome funded by the Foundation. Referencing Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi, Andrew says that, “we should all want to be the change we desire for patients and giving is being a part of change.”

The McNeils’ teamwork in their happy marriage, their approach to patient care, and in the McLeod Foundation’s Employee Campaign, show that great things are not achieved by flying solo, but through many people contributing a little in the service of a common goal. Through the combined effort of all who make the Employee Campaign successful, the individuals at McLeod Health show they are a championship team.

There are several ways for McLeod Health employees to join the fundraising efforts of the McLeod Foundation. For more information, visit McLeodFoundation.org or call (843) 777-2694.