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  • Orthopedics

    ACL Tears – Repairing the Results of Plant and Pivots

    Thomas DiStefano, MD
    McLeod Orthopaedics Cheraw
    03 JULY 2019

    Many people associate the serious injury to the knee’s Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) with the rough contact of football. That statement is half true. It is a serious injury but often not due to on-field contact.

  • Heart Health

    Repairing the Dangerous Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

    Joshua A. Sibille, MD
    McLeod Vascular Associates – Little River
    02 JULY 2019

    When a person’s artery near the heart starts to expand like a balloon, the key for vascular specialists is to spot the problem and repair it before the “balloon” bursts, presenting a potentially fatal situation. McLeod Vascular Surgeon Joshua Sibille, MD, explains the problem and several approaches to mending the abdominal aortic aneurysm.

  • General Health

    Treating Your Sleeplessness and Apnea

    Marwan K. Elya, MD
    McLeod Critical Care Specialists
    01 JULY 2019

    Tossing and turning.  Snoring. These symptoms may do more than aggravate the person sharing your bed.  It can be the sign of a disorder leading to serious health and safety issues, according to the Director of McLeod Sleep Clinic Marwan Elya, MD.

  • Womens Health

    Fibroids: A Women’s Pelvic Health Problem

    Gary H. Emerson, MD
    McLeod OB/GYN Associates
    29 JUNE 2019

    When a woman experiences pelvic pain, she can be suffering from a number of issues. One of the most common is a growth called fibroids, as explained by McLeod OB/GYN Gary Emerson, MD.

  • Cancer

    Pathologists: The Cancer Team Behind the Scenes

    Tarek M. Bishara, MD
    Pee Dee Pathology Associates, P.A.
    28 JUNE 2019

    When a patient is faced with a cancer diagnosis, they look to the physician delivering this news for answers about their cancer treatment. These answers are often based on the information the surgeon or oncologist receives from the team working behind the scenes — those who determine the precise type and stage of the cancer – the pathologists.

  • Orthopedics

    Are You Running Your Way to a Knee Replacement?

    Christopher P. Walsh, MD
    McLeod Orthopaedics Seacoast
    27 JUNE 2019

    More and more Americans are runners. And more and younger Americans are getting knee joint replacements. So, if you are a dedicated runner are you triggering osteoarthritis – the main problem that leads to knee joint replacement?

  • Heart Health

    TAVR: Replacing Heart Valves with a Needle, Not a Knife

    S. Cary Huber, MD
    McLeod Cardiothoracic Surgical Associates
    26 JUNE 2019

    Aortic heart valves, which are compromised by calcium buildup, can be replaced without the traditional method of an 8-inch incision and sawing the chest open to get to the heart. McLeod Cardiothoracic Surgeon Dr. Cary Huber explains the technique – transcatheter aortic valve replacement or TAVR

  • General Health

    Preparing to Visit Your Primary Care Physician

    Allan R. Macdonald, MD
    McLeod Family Medicine Center
    25 JUNE 2019

    One of the most important aspects of primary care is the doctor-patient relationship.  You can start building that relationship by scheduling at least one visit a year with your primary care physician.  The more your physician gets to know you as a patient, the more he or she can help with health issues early on, when they are much easier to treat.

  • Heart Health

    Controlling Cholesterol to Keep Your Heart Healthy

    Vaishali M. Swami, MD
    McLeod Cardiology Associates – Myrtle Beach
    19 JUNE 2019

    Cholesterol plays an important role as your body builds new cells. However, as with many things in life, it’s more complicated than that.