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  • Womens Health

    Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: Common and Treatable

    Julie A. Mullins, DO
    McLeod Women’s Care Clarendon
    11 SEPTEMBER 2017

    More than 1 million women in the U.S. are diagnosed with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) annually. PID symptoms can include pelvic pain, fever/chills, burning urination, painful intercourse, abnormal discharge/bleeding, nausea and vomiting. Women younger than 25 years of age are more likely to develop PID.

  • Womens Health

    You May Need a DXA Bone Density Test to Avoid Fractures

    Charles Tatum, MD
    McLeod OB/GYN Associates
    05 SEPTEMBER 2017

    The dangers of osteoporosis and fractures – especially of the hip – grow as a woman ages. Yet, many women, who should be screened, are not taking advantage of this simple, painless test.

  • Womens Health

    Dispelling Myths About Uterine Fibroids

    Eric C. Coughlin, MD
    McLeod Women’s Care
    29 AUGUST 2017

    Is it cancer? Do I need a hysterectomy? Am I infertile? I must not have fibroids because I don’t have any symptoms, right? Am I the only one with this problem?

  • Womens Health

    Pelvic Pain: What If It Hurts “Down There?”

    L. Sutton Boyd, MD
    McLeod OB/GYN Cheraw
    25 AUGUST 2017

    It might start as a dull pain during your period. Might be so severe it affects your life. Might be steady. Might come and go. For some women, this problem in your pelvic region will get worse if you don’t do something about it.

  • Womens Health

    Preparing for a Pelvic Pain Visit to Your Physician

    Merritt King, III, MD
    McLeod OB/GYN Seacoast – Little River
    17 AUGUST 2017

    You experience pain in the area south of your belly button. In general, physicians describe it as “pelvic pain.” The causes could be anything from indigestion to endometriosis.

  • Womens Health

    Screening Tests to Help You Stay Healthy and Live Longer

    Joycelyn C. Schindler, MD
    McLeod OB/GYN Seacoast – Loris
    09 AUGUST 2017

    Millions of women are alive today because their physician spotted a potential health issue early and successfully treated it. Millions of women are alive today because THEY decided to see their physician regularly for recommended screenings.

  • Womens Health

    Guideline Recommendation: 3-5 Years Between Pap Tests

    Gary H. Emerson, MD
    McLeod OB/GYN Associates
    04 AUGUST 2017

    Ever since 1943, when Dr. George Papanicolau published his work on “Diagnosis of Uterine Cancer by the Vaginal Smear,” the “Pap” test has been an annual experience for most women.

  • Womens Health

    Nocturia, Nighttime Urge to Urinate, Can Make You More Than Grumpy

    W. Brad Campbell, MD
    McLeod OB/GYN Associates
    25 JULY 2017

    Need to get up once a night to go to the bathroom? Don’t worry. That’s normal.More than twice and up to six nightly trips to the bathroom is a problem called nocturia. A recent survey of women over 40 revealed that nearly half of them made 2 or more trips to the bathroom at night.

  • Womens Health

    Endometrial Ablation, When Heavy Bleeding Disrupts Your Life

    Gary H. Emerson, MD
    McLeod OB/GYN Associates
    20 JULY 2017

    When heavy menstrual flow or bleeding that’s not associated with your monthly period intrudes, keeping you from regular daily activities, it’s time to see your Gynecologist.