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  • General Health

    Children — of ALL ages — Need to be Immunized

    Frank Moskos, MD
    McLeod Family Medicine Center
    29 JANUARY 2018

    Most parents are very familiar with the vaccines required in the first several years of their child’s life, and those have been quite successful in preventing serious illnesses. However, just as important is offering vaccines to our older children and adolescents.

  • General Health

    Treating Chronic Kidney Problems

    Subash REGMI, MD
    McLeod Nephrology Associates
    08 AUGUST 2017

    More than one out of 10 people in this country suffer from long-term, chronic kidney disease. McLeod Nephrologist Subash Regmi, MD, explains the role of a Nephrologist and how they treat chronic kidney disease.

  • General Health

    Kidney Problems and Their Treatments

    M. Adnan Alsaka, MD
    McLeod Nephrology Associates
    31 JULY 2017

    Our kidneys essentially act as filters, removing unwanted substances from our blood system. McLeod Kidney Specialist M. Adnan Alsaka, MD, explains what happens when your kidney isn’t working and how that problem is treated.

  • General Health

    McLeod Telehealth: We Reinvented the Doctor’s House Call

    Bryon K. Frost, MD
    McLeod Regional Medical Center – Emergency Dept.
    01 MAY 2017

    There’s a new way to get medical help from a physician 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. McLeod Emergency Physician Bryon Frost, MD, explains the benefits and convenience of the newest form of care for minor illness from McLeod Heath.

  • General Health

    Learn How to Keep Babies Safe When Sleeping; Then, Pass it On

    Douglas M. Moeckel, MD
    Pediatrix Medical Group
    18 JULY 2016

    South Carolina ranks 45th out of all 50 states when it comes to infant mortality. That’s a sad statistic, especially when something as easy as “ABC” could reduce the number of sleep-related infant deaths.

  • General Health

    Start Planning for Your Baby’s Safe Sleep Before Your Infant Comes Home

    Benjamin B. Elder, MD
    McLeod Pediatric Associates of Florence – West
    24 MAY 2016

    Expectant parents, you can remove one of the greatest barriers to your new infant’s health by being ready before the baby comes home and, in some cases, even before pregnancy.

  • General Health

    5 Key Do’s/Don’ts to Ensure Your Baby’s Safe Sleep

    Douglas M. Moeckel, MD
    Pediatrix Medical Group
    19 APRIL 2016

    News surrounding infant deaths in South Carolina is both good and bad. The infant mortality rate in South Carolina saw a slight increase early in this century. However, it was a “substantial increase” in sleep-related deaths that pushed the rate up.

  • General Health

    Protect Your Child: Know the ABCs of Safe Sleep

    22 MARCH 2016

    Despite continuing progress in reducing infant mortality and Sudden Infant Death (SIDs) in South Carolina, sleep-related infant deaths continue to be a significant problem.


  • General Health

    Thyroid & Diabetes. The focus of an Endocrinologist

    24 OCTOBER 2015

    An endocrinologist is a specialist dealing with hormone imbalances in the body – primarily thyroid issues and diabetes.