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  • General Health

    Thyroid & Diabetes. The focus of an Endocrinologist

    Aundrea E. Loftley, MD
    McLeod Endocrinology Associates
    24 OCTOBER 2015

    An endocrinologist is a specialist dealing with hormone imbalances in the body – primarily thyroid issues and diabetes.

  • General Health

    Kidney problems? Look for a Nephrologist (nef-RAHL-uh-gist)

    M. Adnan Alsaka, MD
    McLeod Nephrology Associates
    01 SEPTEMBER 2015

    Most people know that a cardiologist is concerned with the heart. Or a gynecologist, women. Or a urologist, bladder and its problems. But a nephrologist? Not so many. “Nephrology is the study of the kidney and its diseases,” prompted McLeod Nephrologist Adnan Alsaka, MD.