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  • General Health

    5 Key Do’s/Don’ts to Ensure Your Baby’s Safe Sleep

    Douglas M. Moeckel, MD
    Pediatrix Medical Group
    19 APRIL 2016

    News surrounding infant deaths in South Carolina is both good and bad. The infant mortality rate in South Carolina saw a slight increase early in this century. However, it was a “substantial increase” in sleep-related deaths that pushed the rate up.

  • General Health

    Protect Your Child: Know the ABCs of Safe Sleep

    22 MARCH 2016

    Despite continuing progress in reducing infant mortality and Sudden Infant Death (SIDs) in South Carolina, sleep-related infant deaths continue to be a significant problem.


  • General Health

    Thyroid & Diabetes. The focus of an Endocrinologist

    24 OCTOBER 2015

    An endocrinologist is a specialist dealing with hormone imbalances in the body – primarily thyroid issues and diabetes.

  • General Health

    Kidney problems? Look for a Nephrologist (nef-RAHL-uh-gist)

    M. Adnan Alsaka, MD
    McLeod Nephrology Associates
    01 SEPTEMBER 2015

    Most people know that a cardiologist is concerned with the heart. Or a gynecologist, women. Or a urologist, bladder and its problems. But a nephrologist? Not so many. “Nephrology is the study of the kidney and its diseases,” prompted McLeod Nephrologist Adnan Alsaka, MD.