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  • Cancer

    Treating Colon Cancer for a Longer Life

    Timothy J. Spurling, MD
    McLeod Digestive Health Center
    15 MARCH 2019

    The colon is the four to six feet of the large intestine and an important part of your digestive system. With the broad range of “bad for us” foods we impose on the colon – nachos, pizza, fries, steak, and BBQ to name just a few – it’s no surprise that colon cancer strikes 1 in 18 Americans.

  • Cancer

    Colon Cancer: The Silent Cancer. Colonoscopy Can Save Your Life

    Deepak Chowdhary, MD
    McLeod Digestive Health Center
    07 MARCH 2019

    Many people with colon cancer have no symptoms until it’s too late. McLeod Gastroenterologist Deepak Chowdhary, MD explains the risk factors you may have and why a regular colonoscopy is important for everyone.

  • Cancer

    Dense Breast Tissue and Cancer — Does It Matter to Me?

    W. Shawn Conwell, MD, FACR
    Carolina Radiology Associates
    28 FEBRUARY 2019

    Mammograms are the standard diagnostic tool for spotting breast cancer. On the mammogram, normal breast tissue appears as black while most forms of breast cancer show up as white.

  • Cancer

    5 Lung Cancer Myths You Need to Know NOW

    Vinod K. Jona, MD
    McLeod Pulmonary & Critical Care Associates
    18 FEBRUARY 2019

    Lung cancer is the most common cancer worldwide.  It is also the second most common type of cancer disease (next to breast cancer) that we see in this region of South Carolina.

  • Cancer

    Your Cancer Risk Rises with Lack of Sleep

    Donny Huynh, MD
    McLeod Oncology and Hematology Associates at Seacoast, a Department of McLeod Regional Medical Center
    12 FEBRUARY 2019

    From cigarettes to asbestos — of all the many things we face in life that are related to cancer, who would have guessed that lack of sleep might sit on that list.

  • Cancer

    Is There a Dangerous Cancer Cluster Where You Live or Work?

    Karim TAZI, MD
    McLeod Oncology and Hematology Associates
    06 FEBRUARY 2019

    Mesothelioma is rare form of cancer of the lining of the lung or abdomen. Since then, when a number of cancer cases arise in one family or community, the term “cancer cluster” comes up.

  • Cancer

    Targeted Treatment to Take Out Cancer

    James C. H. Smith, MD
    McLeod Oncology and Hematology Associates
    01 FEBRUARY 2019

    Surgery, radiation and conventional chemotherapy stand as the hallmarks of current cancer treatment. Now the term “targeted therapy” frequently enters the conversation.

  • Cancer

    Easing the Side Effects of Prostate Cancer Radiation Treatment

    Larry D. Grubb, MD
    MRMC Radiation Oncology
    25 JANUARY 2019

    Advances in highly targeted radiation treatment give men greater hope for survival from prostate cancer than ever before. Yet, because the prostate is right next to the rectum radiation can affect the bowel, urinary and sexual function. But, a new development is changing all that.

  • Cancer

    Pancreatic Cancer and You

    Veeral M. Oza, MD
    McLeod Digestive Health Center
    18 JANUARY 2019

    In South Carolina, statistics point to 1,000 new cases of pancreatic cancer each year. Yet, many people have no idea where their pancreas is located or what it does.