Improve Sports Performance
with These Remarkable Programs

Every athlete seeks to improve their performance by working to bring their game to a new level while reducing the chance of injury. McLeod Sports Medicine offers a range of performance enhancement programs designed to help athletes achieve their goals. Let us help you with a program to best fit you.

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  • Certified Athletic Trainers Ensure Safe Environment

    Certified Athletic Trainers develop expertise in orthopedic and musculoskeletal disciplines for injury prevention, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation. The Certified Athletic Trainer cares for the athletes, working to prevent injuries. Certified Athletic Trainers also receive training in nutrition, biomechanics, education, counseling, physiology, psychology and conditioning. Our Certified Athletic Trainers provide outreach services to high schools and colleges.

  • Sports Performance

    McLeod Sports Performance designs programming individually tailored to each athlete’s need, whether you participate in football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, tennis, cross country/ track, baseball/ softball, cheerleading or gymnastics. Our programming encompasses all aspects of sport including: strengthening and conditioning, speed and agility, flexibility, and nutrition. Let us take you to the next level!

    Contact Jake Webster, MS, ATC at (843) 855-2269 for more information and pricing.

  • Sports Performance: On the go!

    Sports Performance tailored to the athlete, who needs programming designed for their busy schedule. Individualized programming is written each month to fit the athlete’s needs and goals. Each program can be tailored to the athlete’s fitness environment whether it is at home, at the gym, or on the road.

    Contact Jake Webster, MS, ATC at (843) 855-2269 for more information and pricing.