Physician Concierge Service Makes Life Easier

McLeod Health is pleased to offer our new physicians and their families the services of the McLeod Physician Concierge program. The Physician Concierge will provide participants with assistance in obtaining services and appointments for your family's needs and interests. These may include child care and children's activities; local vendors including florists, salons, travel agents and housekeepers; and tickets to regional entertainment and special event opportunities. For a complete list of services available please contact the McLeod Physician Concierge at (843) 777-7035 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Physician Concierge Service Request Form

  1. YES I have signed the McLeod Health Physician Concierge Program Waiver and Release of Liability form and returned it to my Physician Retention Coordinator. If not, please contact the Physician Retention Coordinator at (843) 777 - 7035 or*
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  2. Please fill out all information pertaining to the service that you would like provided. If your request requires payment, payment in full is required in order to fulfill your order.
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  4. If you are the spouse of a physician, please list the physician's name here
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  7. Please note that all requests require a minimum of two business days. Service times may also depend on the vendor's availability.
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  12. Other forms may be required for your service depending on request.Once you have submitted your request a Physician Retention Representative will be in touch with you regarding payment.




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