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A People-First

Approach to Building

the Workforce

Workforce Development

Community partnerships, career events and individual experiences are methods employed by McLeod Workforce Development to expose potential candidates to the vast career opportunities at McLeod Health.READ MORE


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Bridging the Gap for

Local Surgical Care

Dr. Jason Davis

In recent years, residents of Chesterfield and Marlboro Counties had to travel long distances to access to high quality surgical care. Until now. McLeod Health Cheraw has welcomed Dr. Jason Davis to the hospital’s surgical team, where he serves as the dedicated general surgeon for the region.READ MORE


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Back in Action

& Pain Free

Donnie Mahoney

Orthopedic Patient

Donnie Mahoney knows firsthand how important the function and mobility of your knees are to complete common everyday tasks.READ MORE


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The Language of


Natalia Urbina

Children's Hospital

While at home watching TV, Natalia suddenly experienced immense chest pain, lightheadedness, numbness in her arms and chills. She couldn’t breathe.READ MORE


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Ensuring the


Wyman Wise

Cardiology Patient

For months, Wyman Wise experienced a variety of symptoms like chest pain, numbness in the arm, fatigue and shortness of breath.READ MORE


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In Charge

& In Control

Tina Worlock

Diabetes Patient

Knowing that diabetes runs in your family and living with type 2 diabetes yourself, the doctor ordered an A1C blood draw. Today, you all will find out how well you having been managing your type 2 diabetes. “Let’s see what your A1C level is,” states your doctor, as he reviews the report.READ MORE

  • McLeod Health: Well Ahead in Every Way.

    We don't always know what lies ahead or what life has in store for us. But where healthcare is concerned, the further we go the closer we remain to home. With specialists' expertise, leading-edge treatments, and dedication to great patient experiences, McLeod Health is Well Ahead.

  • One Name Stands Above All. McLeod Health

    So much depends on the choices we make. When it comes to healthcare, one name stands above all others - McLeod Health. With the most advanced technology, the best specialists and the most dedicated health care team, McLeod Health is Here for Life.