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A Heart For


Jenny Hardee

As a child, Jenny Hardee tended to sick animals and helped care for her aging grandparents. Her compassionate spirit and caring heart led her to the nursing profession.READ MORE


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One Pint at a


Judy Bibbo

Judy Bibbo, Vice President of Patient Services, donates blood at a McLeod Regional Medical Center blood drive.READ MORE


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Matters of the


Patrick Priore

Vascular Patient

One afternoon, while working in the yard with his wife Jeanine, Patrick felt discomfort in his chest and nausea.“I’ve had many health concerns over the years and experienced different levels of pain,” said Patrick. “This was unlike any other pain. It was an extreme pressure, pulling my shoulders down to my chest.” These symptoms prompted a trip to the McLeod Health Seacoast Emergency Department.READ MORE


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Above & Beyond for

Every Child

Liza Larrimore

Children's Hospital

On the morning of Tuesday, July 18, Jessica Larrimore noticed her four-year-old daughter Liza walking differently but did not think much of it at first. The next morning, Jessica took Liza to the pediatrician’s office for an evaluation. Her regular pediatrician happened to be on vacation, so Liza saw Advanced Practitioner Theressa Garris, PNP, with McLeod Pediatric Associates.READ MORE



at the


Transformation at the Coast

McLeod Health has been committed to improving the health and well-being of the residents in Horry, Brunswick and Columbus counties since 2012. That dedication remains and is evident in the transformative plans McLeod Health has for the coastal region.READ MORE


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Running the

Extra Mile

Rich Wideman

Orthopaedics Patient

In the world of sports, resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment are the hallmarks of a true athlete. For Ohio native and Florence resident Rich Wideman, West Florence High School Cross Country and Track & Field Coach, these qualities are integral to his role in shaping young athletes.READ MORE

  • McLeod Health: Well Ahead in Every Way.

    We don't always know what lies ahead or what life has in store for us. But where healthcare is concerned, the further we go the closer we remain to home. With specialists' expertise, leading-edge treatments, and dedication to great patient experiences, McLeod Health is Well Ahead.

  • One Name Stands Above All. McLeod Health

    So much depends on the choices we make. When it comes to healthcare, one name stands above all others - McLeod Health. With the most advanced technology, the best specialists and the most dedicated health care team, McLeod Health is Here for Life.