Frequent Questions and Answers


How do I become a patient of the McLeod Diabetes Center?

To Become a patient of the McLeod Diabetes Center, there will need to be a referral from the patient’s primary care provider or their specialty provider.  Once the referral is received in the McLeod Diabetes Center, the Diabetes Center will coordinate with the patients on scheduling the patients first appointment.

What should I expect for my first visit in the McLeod Diabetes Center?

An overall initial assessment of the patient’s medical history and current problems is completed as part of their initial visit. We will establish a baseline status, current level of diabetes knowledge, and identify any barriers to adequate glycemic control. Together with the patient, we then develop an individualized plan of care with personal goals that address the patient’s specific needs.

What should the patient bring for their first visit?

Log book, meter, current list of medications.

How long will the visit be?

The first visit in the Diabetes Center is 1 hour and follow up visits are 30 minutes.

Who is the patients care team?

The McLeod Diabetes Center patient care team consist of a Certified Diabetes Educator, Case Manager Extender and a Nurse Practitioner.