A Home for Hospice


"DonatedIn 2013, brothers Michael, Christopher and Kelly Sullivan were looking for a way to honor the care McLeod Hospice provided to their late mother, Claudia Sullivan Nimmons. Together, they chose to donate her home, which she shared with her late husband, Bill Nimmons, to the McLeod Foundation. The Foundation will sell the house, with proceeds benefiting the McLeod Hospice program.

Claudia was diagnosed with lymphoma and received a partial stem cell transplant at the Medical University of South Carolina. She fought her cancer with dignity for almost seven years, spending seven months in the care of her son, Michael, and his wife, Charlotte. Ultimately, when she was healthy enough, she returned to her husband, and McLeod Hospice was called in January 2013. McLeod Hospice cared for Mrs. Nimmons in a competent, compassionate, and loving way. The Sullivan family was so impressed by McLeod Hospice’s approach: caring, professional, and concerned with making sure that Claudia was as comfortable as possible during these last few months of her life.

"SullivanClaudia passed away March 8, 2013, but will always be remembered as the positive, strong, joyful woman she was. Charlotte describes the family’s experience by sharing, "We are so appreciative of the care that McLeod Hospice bestowed upon my mother-in-law. I would highly recommend McLeod Hospice to anyone who is faced with end of life care. As my mother-in-law would say, ‘Every day is an opportunity and a gift. Treasure each day as if it might be your last and have faith.’"

Having accepted the responsibility to settle the estate on the family’s behalf, Charlotte visited the McLeod Foundation website and learned that the Foundation accepted gifts of real estate.

"This is exactly what Claudia and Bill would have wanted to do with the home they lovingly cared for and which was the setting for happy family times," shares Charlotte. "Also, I am impressed by the ease with which the Foundation has handled the transfer to benefit McLeod Hospice."

The home of Bill and Claudia Nimmons at 114 Ellen Street in Bishopville, SC, is listed by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate – Segars Realty in Hartsville and additional information is available on their website.