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We Strive To Offer a Challenging Curriculum that Balances Both Inpatient and Outpatient Medicine

Ample elective time is available to allow the resident to customize his or her experiences.

Curriculum Tracks

The McLeod Family Medicine Residency Program is proud to offer four specialty tracks for residents interested in pursuing a particular area of Family Medicine. The tracks will require the residents to devote three elective rotations to the area of interest, starting in first or second year. The resident will also attend a national conference in that specialty during their third year of residency.

Rural Office Track: Close to 50% of our graduates work in rural areas with independent office/hospital practice. Rural track electives might include rural site rotations, urgent care, and subspecialty experiences.

Sports Medicine Track: Electives may include Sports Medicine, Orthopedics and Pediatric Orthopedics.  The resident will be required to attend some Saturday Injury Clinics and work as a "team doctor" for a variety of sporting events.

Hospitalist Track: Electives may include ICU, Medicine sub-specialties, procedures or rotations with Hospitalist staff at a McLeod faciility.

Geriatrics Track: Electives may include Geriatrics, Hospice/Palliative Care, Nursing Home Administration, Neurology, Psychiatry or others as approved by faculty.

International Medicine

McLeod Family Medicine Residency Program supports international medical missions. Dr. Walter Connor organizes trips to Honduras once or twice a year averaging ten days in length.  Other recent faculty trips have included Romania, Rwanda, Peru and Haiti.

Resident Curriculum

Each academic year is divided into thirteen 4-week rotations. The last afternoon of each rotation is reserved for the End-of-Rotation Resident Faculty Conference to allow resident feedback so that we can continually improve our program. Click here to download the Family Medicine Residency Curriculum.

PGY IBlocks
Children's Health2
Family Medicine Teaching Service5
Emergency Medicine1.5
Surgery - Operating Room0.5
Children's Health/ Obstetrics Night Float1.5
Family Medicine Selective0.5
Choose One: 
  Behavioral Medicine 
  Pediatric Emergency Medicine 
  Urgent Care 
  ICU - Choose One: 
             Cardiovascular ICU 
             Neuro ICU 
PGY IIBlocks
Family Medicine Teaching Service
Family Med Teaching Service Night Float
Critical Care1
Women's Health0.5
SubSpecialty Pediatrics
  2 Weeks Pediatric Orthopedics
  2 Weeks Allergy, Cardiology, Genetics
Sports Medicine0.5
Surgery - Office0.5
Community Medicine/Health Systems Management0.5
Rural Health1
Family Medicine Subspecialty Selective
Choose One:
  Urgent Care
  Occupational Medicine
  Infectious Disease
Total 13 
Inpatient Children's Health1
Orthopedic Skills
  2 Weeks Orthopedic office
  1 Week splinting/casting
  1 Week Healthsouth /PM&R
Family Medicine Teaching Service3
Pediatric Selective
Choose One:
  Office Pediatrics
  Developmental Pediatrics
  Subspecialty Pediatrics
Evidence Based Medicine0.5
Neurology Selective0.5
  Choose One: Inpatient or Outpatient 


Our electives include but are not limited to the following. If residents wish to design their own elective time other than on the electives listed below, they may do so with their advisors.

Administrative Medicine
Advanced Obstetrics
Behavioral Medicine 
Critical Care Medicine
Emergency Medicine
Evidence-based Medicine
Hospitalist Medicine
Infectious Disease
International Family Medicine
Neonatal Intensive Care 
Occupational Medicine
Pulmonary Medicine
Rural Medicine
Skilled Nursing Facility
Sports Medicine
Substance Abuse
Urgent Care

Average On-Call Nights per year

First year residents take three 2-week blocks of Obstetrics and Pediatrics Night Float. They share weekend call for FMTS or OB/Peds depending on that resident's current rotation.

Second year residents take three 2-week blocks of Night Float. They also share weekend call when they are on the FMTS rotation.

Third year residents share weekend call for Family Medicine Teaching Service as backup for the first year residents. They also cover "Home Call"; covering outside calls from our patients and local nursing homes affiliated with the residency.

Average Patient Care Days Per Week

YearAverage Patient Care Days
I2 half days per week
II3 half days per week
III4 – 5 half days per week

Specialty Clinics

The following teaching clinics are conducted to enhance education. During each clinic, a specialist is present to offer unique insight into that field of medicine and the particular diseases encountered in the clinic:

  • Best Chance Women's Health Care -- monthly
  • Colposcopy -- monthly
  • Dermatology -- monthly
  • Obstetrics -- weekly
  • Colposcopy/GYN - monthly
  • Short-term counseling – second year rotation


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