McLeod Health Visitor and Patient Information

McLeod Health welcomes visitors to our facilities. Modified visitation continues for the protection of patients, guests and healthcare workers as a preventive effort against the Coronavirus. Physicians, employees, visitors, and incoming patients arriving for care, testing or moving through the facility are required to wear a facemask while on a McLeod Health campus or in a physician office. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), a facemask must be worn when wearing a face shield. Wearing a face mask and face shield together helps to protect your eyes, nose, and mouth.

McLeod Regional Medical Center

Visitors must present an ID for visitor verification. An armband/visitor ID will be provided at each facility’s entrance to the visitor designated by the patient. Visitors are required to wear a facemask and the armband/visitor ID at all times.


Each in-patient is welcome to have two (2) designated visitors, limited to one (1) visiting at a time, for the duration of their hospital stay. The visitors should remain the same two people throughout the patient’s hospital stay. (Alternating or switching of visitors will not be permitted). Visitors must be over the age of 12 and not experiencing any signs or symptoms of illness.


Patients may have two (2) visitors, limited to one (1) visiting at a time, during their emergency department visit.
Children under 18 years of age may have two (2) visitors consisting of parents, legal guardians or caregivers.
No Visitor for COVID-19 Positive or COVID-19 Rule-out Patients.


Patients may have one (1) designated visitor for the duration of their hospital stay.


Patients may have one (1) designated visitor for the duration of their hospital stay.


Patients of the McLeod Cancer Center may have one (1) visitor. For the protection of our patients, ONLY patients, their ONE Visitor and staff of the Cancer Center are allowed in the McLeod Cancer Center.


Pediatric patients may have two (2) designated visitors consisting of parents, legal guardians or caregivers.


Patients may have two (2) designated visitors, limited to one (1) visiting at a time.


The NO visitor policy remains in effect for COVID-19 positive patients or COVID-19 rule-out patients.


For patients at end-of-life, the attending physician or Nursing Supervisor, at his or her discretion, can permit additional visitors (greater than two) to see the patient. All visitors will follow the same ID and masking protocols.

Visitation Hours, Entrances and Exits
McLeod Regional Medical Center

Visiting Hours: 6:00 am – 8:00 pm


  • Open 24 hours
Cancer Center (Building Sign 1)
  • Open Monday through Friday, 6:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Closed on Saturday and Sunday
McLeod Tower – Main Entrance (Building Sign 2)
  • Open 7 days a week, 6:00 am to 8:00 pm
Pavilion Tower – Front Entrance (Building Sign 3)
  • Open 24 hours

McLeod Physician Associates Practice Offices

  • One (1) identified supportive care person is permitted to attend with the patient.
  • Patient and supportive care person are required to wear a mask.
  • Patients may want to consider televisits:
    McLeod Health offers televisits with McLeod Physician Associates providers. During this visit, patients communicate by video with their provider using a smartphone, mobile device, or computer. Physician offices will schedule the appointment in advance, then will send a text message and email reminder with the link information to connect. At the scheduled time, patients and providers can discuss concerns, adjust or refill medications – many of the things performed during an in-office visit.

Connecting Through Technology

Your loved one is in excellent hands! Our staff members are devoted to providing safe, high quality, compassionate care. Our compassion and concern for the well-being of our patients extends to you, the family member and friend.

We understand the anxiety you must be feeling with not being able to visit your loved one. To help ease some of those concerns, we encourage family members and friends to use technology to stay in touch. Here are some of the options available to you:

  • Phone Call (either personal cell or patient room)
  • Texting, Email, or other electronic methods
  • Video Chatting (FaceTime, Duo, or Skype)
  • Virtual Care Visits: The McLeod Virtual Care Team are trained to help patients, visitors and loved ones stay connected by providing a service to use communications technologies (Smart Devices) to deliver virtual visitation. The Virtual Care Team has Smart Devices (I-Pads and Android Tablets) to be used to connect patients with family using Polycom and Telehealth Instant Visit. This team also assists with device charger needs and any technology issues the patient or family may be having. To request a Virtual Visit, call (843) 777-2000.

If you need assistance connecting to your patient’s room, McLeod Switchboard is here to help you and is available 24/7.

McLeod Regional Medical Center: (843) 777-2000

You are considered a key part of a patient’s journey to healing. Thank you for your understanding during this challenging and uncertain time.