McLeod Safe Kids Promotes Child Safety
in Car Seats and More

Safe Kids Pee Dee/Coastal, led by McLeod Health, covers 12 counties from the Midlands to the Coast. As a member of Safe Kids Worldwide, we seek to prevent unintentional injuries in children up to age 14. McLeod Safe Kids educates families and caregivers through a series of projects including child passenger safety, wheeled sports and passenger safety, pedestrian safety, burn hazards, water sport safety, gun safety, and more.

If you are interested in having Safe Kids/Pee Dee Coastal participate in your next event, please click the McLeod Safe Kids Request Form button below.

Learn more about the ABC’s of Safe Sleep.

  • Child Passenger Safety Extends Beyond Car Seats

    Motor vehicle accidents remain the number one killer of children ages 3 to 12 in the U.S. Our Child Passenger Safety efforts include educating caregivers on proper installation and use of child car seats. We also inform the public about dangers of leaving babies in cars and heatstroke, (Get Heatstroke info – Spanish version)

  • Learn These Safety Tips for Bikes and Other Wheeled Sports

    Bikes cause more childhood injuries than any other consumer product except cars. Download Bike and Wheels Sports Safety to learn measures that can keep your child safe.

  • Prevent Fire and Burn Injuries With These Tips

    Each year, more than 100,000 children age 14 and under experience fire and burn injuries. Hot liquids and steam constitute the leading causes of burn injuries in young children.

    Download this form for steps that help prevent burn injuries.

  • When Walking Around Town, Remember These Tips

    Parents, use these Pedestrian Safety Tips to ensure your children understand the steps to stay safe.

  • Be Aware of Special Precautions in Warm Weather

    Have fun and be safe. Download tip sheets below for water safety.

  • Our Members Make McLeod Safe Kids Possible

    These members of the McLeod Safe Kids Coalition engage with the program to bring safety to our youth:

    • City of Florence Police Department
    • City of Florence Fire Department
    • Community volunteers
    • First Steps of Horry County
    • Florence County Recreation Department
    • Florence County Library
    • Florence County Sheriff’s Office
    • Florence Little Theatre
    • Hartsville Fire Department
    • Horry County Fire/Rescue
    • Lake City Fire Department
    • McLeod Activity Center For Kids (MACK)
    • McLeod Children’s Hospital
    • McLeod Health Staff
    • McLeod Sports Medicine
    • Mullins Fire & Rescue
    • South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
    • South Carolina Highway Patrol
    • The Matthew Bellamy Project


  • Protect a Baby with These Safe Sleep ABCs

    When putting an infant to sleep, make sure they are:

    Alone. Not with you in bed or in a chair.
    On their Back. Always place your baby on their back when sleeping.
    In a Crib. Not in a car seat or on the couch. Remove all loose bedding, blankets, bumper pads, and stuffed animals.

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